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ZoNation – Flogging Breitbart & the Sherrod Charade

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Useless In D.C.

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Congressman: Stop horsing around with sports votes

“It’s an absolute embarrassment,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, announcing on the House floor a vow to vote against all future sports resolutions.

He worried that there were kids in the visitors’ gallery who would go back home and, asked whether Congress was talking about war or debt, reply: “Oh no, they were honoring a race course.”

“It’s terribly frustrating,” Chaffetz said.

The freshman Republican did appear to win a few converts: The bill passed by a mere 396-14, a high number of “no” votes for the kind of commemorative resolutions that often pass unanimously.

Every week the House spends a couple of days churning out such non-controversial bills. Beyond honoring sports achievements, they name post offices, praise armed service members, mourn distinguished people who’ve died and recognize historic anniversaries. This year the House has come together to support national pollinator week, national dairy month and national train day.

I’ve always thought that these resolutions were an extreme waste of taxpayer money.  If Congress has nothing better to do a couple of days a week, then they’d best serve their constituents by actually being in their districts, listening to what their BOSSES have to say, and then DOING what they are told!  But what do they care….after all, it’s not THEIR money they’re wasting.  They stopped being “public servants” a LONG time ago.

Praising some over paid athletes, or a flippin’ race track, can be done on their own dime. NOT ours. But what the hell. It’s not like they do anything constructive for the country anyway. Evil destroys, and as far as I’m concerned, Washington, D.C. is filled to the rafters with evil.