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Been Praying

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Father of friend, and fellow blogger, Chris from Racine, has been in surgery since around 3:30 or so, to remove cancer from his lung.  I hope you’ll join me in praying for a positive outcome!

UPDATE: After an extremely long, and stressful, afternoon for Chris and family, Dad came through with flying colors, and the docs believe they got it all!

Praise God! :D

Remember Who We Are!

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Swiped from American and Proud.

Weasel Time

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Evil Is NOT Peaceful!

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Poll shows opposition to Cordoba House crosses religious, ethnic and ideological lines

“Large majorities of all New Yorkers, every party, region and age give a thumbs-down to the Cordoba House Mosque being built near the Ground Zero site,” said Dr. Don Levy, the institute’s director, in a press release. “But only just over half of all New Yorkers, even city residents say they have been following the news about the proposed mosque closely.”

Time to pay attention people!

According to the poll’s results, opposition to the Islamic center is greatest among those who live in the suburbs and Upstate New York, and among those who identify as conservative (85 percent of conservatives surveyed said they were against the center, whereas only 11 percent supported it). However, a majority of liberals (52 percent) and moderates (55 percent) are also opposed to the building’s location according to the survey, showing that opposition to the Cordoba House crosses ideological lines.

Opponents tend to be more religious, with 73 percent of Catholics, 75 percent of Jews, and 65 percent of Protestants opposing the project. In contrast, support for the center’s location registers the highest among those with no religious affiliation at 47 percent. The poll’s findings do not disclose how self-identified Muslims feel about the issue.

This is not a right or left issue. It’s about right and wrong! It’s about our survival as a nation, a FREE nation. There is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim. Islam is NOT a ‘religion of peace’. It is a political ideology of death.

Interestingly, education levels seem to make no difference in voting patterns. Sixty two percent of those reporting an education level of “less than college” registered in opposition to the Cordoba House’s location, as did 62 percent of those reporting “college” level educational attainment.

You don’t need a college degree to see what’s right in front of you!

WARNING! Extremely graphic photos!

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Nearly Two Years Later…and It’s STILL Someone Else’s Fault!

Blaming Bush Doesn’t Create Jobs
The Foundry

In January 2009 after it became clear that the leftist majority in Congress would pass President Barack Obama’s $862 billion economic stimulus bill without a single vote from a Republican, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) defended her partisan approach, telling Politico: “Yes, we wrote the bill. Yes, we won the election.” Last Friday, some 19 months after the stimulus bill became law, the Labor Department issued its monthly jobs report showing the U.S. economy shed 131,000 jobs and unemployment tread water at 9.5% as 181,000 workers left the workforce entirely. These numbers are so terrible that the Federal Reserve is expected to downgrade its assessment of the U.S. economic outlook when it meets tomorrow. Desperate to shift blame away from her economic policies, Speaker Pelosi released a statement Friday blaming President George W. Bush for the economy’s anemic recovery: “Today’s report shows our teachers, police officers, firefighters, and nurses are still feeling the worst of the Bush recession.”

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You may have seen these before.  Don’t care.  I LIKE ‘em!  :D Courtesy of Ken – once a Marine, always a Marine – the cop.

British Libs – Just As Ignorant As U.S. Libs

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Amanpour Elevates British Journalist Who Sees ‘Culture of Hate’ in U.S., Time to Divide Up Our ‘Pie’

Christiane Amanpour elevated a liberal British journalist, with little U.S. television experience, to the This Week roundtable where she presumed the government must run the economy and distribute the economic pie while she took pot shots at how the efforts to control illegal immigration proves America’s descent into a “culture of hate.”


Applying a European economic model, Tett fretted “that so much of America in the last few decades has been about trying to focus on growing the pie, not worrying about how to divide it up” as Americans didn’t “worry about social equity and things like that.” But, showing little faith that Obamanomics will work, she ruminated, “if we are entering a period when the pie is stagnant, the question that’s going to be very political is how do you divide that pie up?”

So, I decide to bake a pie. I work to earn the money to buy the ingredients. I labor to put all the mixings together. I use my oven to bake said pie. And YOU want to just take at least half of that pie? Now, if I offer you a slice, that’s one thing. You demanding to have a large chunk of something you did not make, is quite another.  It’s called STEALING.  So, now the pie is rancid?  What do you do, Mzzzzzzzzzzzz Tett, with a rancid pie?  Personally, I throw it out, and start from scratch.  However, this time, I’ll use inferior ingredients, and make a much smaller pie.

Something for nothing?  Yeah, you libtard Europeans sure do have all the answers, don’t ya.  /snark Like letting ILLEGALS take over your entire country.  Well, since y’all have been subjugated for centuries, I guess it’s just like normal for y’all.  WE, on this side of the pond, don’t take kindly to thieves, liars, and criminals running our lives!