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SGS Day 1 – Morning

30 September 2010, 2:39 pm. 1 Comment. Filed under Conservative, Travel.

Our morning started WAY too early, but we managed to make it across the street, after much coffee, in time to get registered and mosey into ballroom. NO coffee?? Seriously? No coffee in the lobby either. We had to actually BUY coffee at the restaurant? CRIMINY!

Dana Loesh of PJTV fame.

Anita MonCrief.  Had a nice conversation with her later.  Smart cookie!

The lovely Stacy Mott.

Some folks milling around.

I think that speck is Liz Cheney, but wouldn’t swear to it.  :?

Now, the interesting thing that happened….Chris and I were interviewed by the French press!  We had a great conversation with a lady from Paris, Karen Lajon – Grand Reporter, from Le Journal du Dimanche (well, that’s what her card says), who said she was here to cover our midterms, and decided to see what we were all about.  Had a great time chatting with this young lady.

I even got a brief interview with Human Events.  “Why are you here?”  Two words – my grandchildren!  :D  Told ya it was brief!

After lunch, Chris and I realized, even though we wanted to attend a couple of the afternoon breakout sessions, we were just brain dead!  Not enough sleep, too much coffee!  So, we came back to the room to rest.  I actually fell asleep for a while.  Thank goodness!  This might surprise the Mr, but that woman is trying to FREEZE me!  Heh.

Now, we are attempting to get ready for the banquet this evening.  Pray it doesn’t rain anymore!  :?  We might melt y’know.  :P

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  1. Chris from RAcine. 30 September 2010, 2:51 pm

    But I thought only the evil witches melt in the rain!  Oh….wait….nevermind  ;)