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Case Dismissed

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Judge Dismisses Election Lawsuit

The election court battle is over. Thursday morning a Chancery Court judge threw out a lawsuit alleging fraud and other wrongdoing in the August 5th Election. The trial began Wednesday with the plaintiffs¿ part of the case. But by Thursday morning it was over with the judge ready to rule.
The lawsuit was filed by democratic candidates against the Shelby County Election Commission, saying election results were skewed by widespread irregularities. They claimed the technical errors of loading data from the May election lead to thousands of voters being turned away in August.

“The plaintiffs were unable to produce in court, did not produce in court a single voter who said they had been turned away at the polls,” Giannini said.

Just because the Democrats are so used to cheating to win elections, it doesn’t mean EVERYONE does it!  Irregularities are common in Shelby County, mostly due to fraud.  From what I’ve read about this particular election, the problem was solved rather quickly and the voting continued.  In the end, Republicans won the day in county races.

While the Election Commission works on its post-election assessment, Turner said they’ll likely be positioning themselves for an appeal and some sort of oversight for the commission.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrats would actually face the fact that people are totally fed up with their shenanigans? Novel concept – lose graciously. The world isn’t going to end just because the Dems aren’t in control. As a matter of fact, there may be some major improvements in the county without them completely in charge. Just a thought.

Couldn’t Resist

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Freedom OF Religion

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ADF continues to fight for elementary student barred from reading Bible at recess

During the Spring 2005 semester, the 10-year-old and a few other students read their Bibles and discussed them together on the grounds of Karns Elementary School during non-instructional time at recess. After an unnamed parent complained about the students, the school’s principal ordered a teacher to put a stop to the student-led Bible discussion.

I suppose this ‘unnamed parent’ would rather have these 10 years olds dealing drugs, or plotting jihad, during their off time? I can only say, I feel very sorry for that ‘unnamed parent’s’ child. Sure hope the kid doesn’t end up as ignorant as said parent!

Confused Judge?

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(I hate it when I don’t hit “publish”!  5 hours this post has been sitting here?  sigh….  Old age….)

Miss. Judge Jails Attorney for Not Reciting Pledge

A Mississippi state judge sent a lawyer to jail for several hours for refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in court, according to court records.

Chancery Judge Talmadge Littlejohn told people in his Tupelo courtroom Wednesday to stand up and say the pledge.

Oxford attorney Danny Lampley stood up. But he “failed and refused” to recite the pledge and was jailed for criminal contempt of court, according to the judge’s order, obtained by The Associated Press.

Lampley, 49, was booked into the Lee County jail where he stayed for about five hours.

Ok, I might surprise a few folks here, but the judge was in the wrong. You can’t force someone to say the Pledge of Allegiance, anymore than you can force someone to pray.  The guy stood, which would be expected, but I’m not aware of any Constitutional requirement that an individual be FORCED to recite the pledge.

If burning the U.S. flag is protected under the 1st Amendment, isn’t NOT burning it also protected?  Likewise, if reciting the Pledge is protected, shouldn’t not reciting it also be protected as well?

I’ll Keep My Light Bulbs, Thankyouverymuch!

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Let There be Lightbulbs

In retrospect, it was a premonition of the Obama era: Late in 2007, Congress banned incandescent lightbulbs, by a vote of 86 to eight in the Senate and 314 to 100 in the House. President Bush signed the bill in his late, get-me-back-to-Texas phase. Let’s hope it’s a better premonition that Congress may now be having second thoughts.

Last month, Republicans Joe Barton, Michael Burgess and Marsha Blackburn introduced a two-page bill that would repeal the efficiency standards that were included in the 2007 energy bill and designed to phase out the conventional Edison-style bulb by 2014. The replacements are supposed to be compact fluorescents, those corkscrew tubes.

There have been MANY ridiculous bills to come out of D.C., but this one surely took our supposed representatives to new heights of ignorance!

The frequently invoked, less frequently consulted American public hasn’t responded as the planners, well, planned. Some 89% of the residential market continues to be dominated by normal bulbs, according to the Energy Department. One reason may be that consumers prefer the incandescent style of lighting. Another may be that fluorescents cost at retail 10 times more than the ordinary bulbs that continue to work perfectly well.

The claim is that these butt ugly mercury bulbs are more energy efficient. However, like that 2 1/2 gallon toilet tank you have to flush 2 or 3 times, having to use more bulbs to get the same amount of light doesn’t seem all that ‘efficient’ to me!

To hear the greens tell it, compact fluorescents will reduce both household electricity bills and the U.S. carbon footprint; therefore the government needs to mandate the type of bulbs that adults are allowed to buy. By this reasoning, people switched to petroleum from whale oil in the 19th century not because it was a cheaper and more useful product, but because Congress banned whales.

Let’s face it! The greenie types have a tendency to stretch the truth, or flat out lie, when it suits their need to control the rest of us. Personally, I don’t like someone trying to control my every move, purchase, or thought.

The repeal bill doesn’t have much political momentum to date. Still, Democrats and their union allies did take note of the news that GE is shuttering the last remaining lightbulb factory in the country, in Winchester, Virginia. So much for green jobs reviving American manufacturing.

Perhaps if we can remove the nannies from Congress, this bill will get more traction! “Green jobs”? What a flippin’ joke!

Another wave is building this year, and not merely because Congress has weighed in on everything from how you should finance your mortgage and college loans to the health insurance plan that you must by law buy for your own alleged good. Congress has also become the uninvited guest at the dinner party who won’t shut up about how you illuminate your home.

I don’t know about you, but I’m uninviting these unwanted guests from my home!  And for anyone who still is under the impression that Bush was a conservative, he SIGNED that ridiculous bill into law!

The Greenie message is entirely emotional and devoid of all logic.” (source)

H/T: Marsha Blackburn via email (voted NAY)

Facts, Not Fallacies!

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US television ad targets congressman’s Arab background

A West Virginia group led by Republican activists associated with the anti-establishment tea party movement is running an ad trying to link a longtime Democratic congressman to US President Barack Obama, emphasizing the congressman’s Arab-American ancestry.

One of the leaders of the group paying for the ad, West Virginia Conservative Foundation, also contributes to a blog that has targeted Rep. Nick Rahall, a Christian of Lebanese descent, and suggested he has ties to terrorists or their supporters.

Ok, this kind of crap seriously pisses me off! It just proves there is ignorance on BOTH sides of the aisle! Do these yahoos even know why the majority of the CHRISTIAN Lebanese immigrated to the U.S.????? Well, I can tell you why MY maternal grandparents came! Because of the slaughter of Christians by MUSLIMS! And that is relevant to a LARGE majority of the immigrants of that era.  Just because someone’s family immigrated from an Arab country does NOT mean they have ties to terrorists!  Villages were being wiped out, and many parents sent their kids over here to save their lives!

I don’t know if that’s the case with Rahall’s family, but it would sure be nice if this Republican bunch would get some facts before tying ALL Christian Americans of Arab descent with terrorists!

Glenn Beck 10/06/10

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