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A Beautiful Day For a Beautiful Bride

23 October 2010, 9:03 pm. 9 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family.

Well, today was the big day!  Katie and Erich are now Captain and Mrs!  Just a few shots of the wedding.

Dad and Katie.

Katie and Erich. 

Maid of honor, the beautiful Kristin (sister), and brides maids. 

After the ceremony.  Isn’t she beautiful?  :D

Got a ton of pictures and such, but THIS was my favorite part! I had planned to record it on the handy dandy Flip Video, but it turned out….the bloomin’ batteries were dead.  sigh….

It was “Welcome to the Army!”  :D

Baby brother and oldest sister.  The woman NEEDS a vacation!  LOL

Since I am unbelievably exhausted, the reception pics are just going to have to wait!  LOL  I did put fresh batteries in the Flip, so did get some rather entertaining videos of the troops dancing.  But, maybe tomorrow, I’ll share.  Heh.  Heard my very first Miley Cyrus song, too.  And hopefully, the last.  Heh.

Glenn Beck 10/22/10

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