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ZoNation – Rally To Restore Sanity?

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A Question

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I’m quite curious. Who has decided that John Boehner will be the new Speaker? Now, don’t get me wrong, I rather like Boehner, but just because he’s been the minority leader, that doesn’t mean he’s automatically going to be the actual Speaker, does it? Honestly, ANYONE would be a major improvement after Queen Nanny, but shouldn’t there be some competition? There are quite a few who are qualified….Michelle Bachman, just being one of them. How about Paul Ryan? It seems Eric Cantor is throwing his hat into the ring, but I’d rather see someone a bit more reluctant. Great leaders are the ones who aren’t personally ambitious, in my humble opinion.

After all the hard work WE, The People put in to achieve a “right” majority, shouldn’t we have a bit of input on this issue?  Who do WE want to set the tone in the House?  Do we want the old establishment types?  Or, will we insist on new blood in the leadership roles.

I’m just wondering if they’ll listen to us, or go about their merry way, assuming we’ll go back to sleep, and let them continue on the same path they were taking in 2006 when they LOST control.  Personally, I want someone in that position with a BIG pair, and a strong backbone.  Someone who will NOT bend under pressure, and bow the the establishment’s will.  Someone who will stand up for US!  You know….us little people…who pay your bloomin’ salary!

Just An FYI

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We have returned home!  After a few days in Vanderbilt, the Mr is healing, slowly but surely.  The people at the hospital are more than competent, but I gotta tell ya, if we never go back there again, I’ll be REAL happy.  That place is a maze, and I’d love to come face to face with the clown that designed it, cuz I’d like to smack um!

One nice service they do have over there is free valet parking.  I tried to tip the guy, but was told they aren’t allowed to accept tips.  :?  Nice, but still….

So, when we were leaving today, the Mr was wheeled down by a woman who, honestly, I don’t think knows diddly about vehicles.  The conversation went something like this:

Her: Let me have your ticket and I’ll give it to the valet.

Me:  Ok.  (Hands over ticket, woman takes it out to the valet dude, comes back.)

Her:  What type of vehicle?

Me:  Ford, silver, Sportrak.

Her:  Ok.  (a few minutes pass) Is that it?

Me:  Uh…no.  That’s a Buick. (blue)

Her:  Is that it?

Me:  No.  That’s a Chevrolet.  Sedan.  Mine is a truck.

Her:  Is that it?

Me:  No. That’s a green minivan.  Mine is a four door silver truck.

Her:  Is that is?

(thinking seriously about banging my head against that brick wall)

Me:  Um…no.  That’s an SUV.

Her:  Ok.  Is that it?

Me:  No.

Her:  There’s a truck.

Me: No, that’s another SUV.  A land yacht.

FINALLY,after a few more back and forths, my vehicle pulls up, and we make our escape!   The only explanation I have?  She was from Chicago.  :?

Yep, we’re REAL happy to be back home.  :D

The Dems Have To PAY Their “Volunteers”?

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All the times I worked for a campaign, I never….EVER….would have considered even asking to be paid. Is this the only way the Dems can get people to get out, knock on doors, register voters, give their time? They have to PAY them?

Addicted To Spending…..Other People’s Money

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Get To Work On Spending Cuts
The Foundry

On October 15, 2008, well after the financial collapse had begun, President Barack Obama promised the American people during the third presidential debate: “What I’ve done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut.” The verdict is out on how many Americans believed President Obama then, but the verdict is in on his first two years in office: instead of a net spending cut, federal spending has exploded. Since 2008, federal spending has surged from $25,000 to $30,000 per household. And under President Obama’s budget it would reach $36,000 per household by 2020. Even if Congress allowed President Obama’s preferred tax hikes to become law, his budget would double the national debt to more than $20 trillion by 2020.

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