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Weasel Time

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Good Morning, World!

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Got my pot of coffee, that I MIGHT share with the Mr, and all set to see what’s going on elsewhere!  Heh.

I just might have to read Governor Jindal’s book. From the sound of it, it appears to be a must read for 99.9% of the DC weasels. :D

The man may, or may not have, been born in Hawaii.  I don’t give a flip anymore.  BUT, wouldn’t it be nice if the person jetting around the world as the face of Americans actually had some respect for the country he supposedly represents?

Ah yes!  The face of the ever tolerant religion of pieces.

Apparently, Michael Steele has at least one challenger for RNC chair.   I’ve thought that Sarah Palin should take on the role, but hey….that’s just me.  :)

Gosh!  You mean Iran doesn’t give a flip about ‘international law’?  Color me shocked!

No, the feckless twit should NOT get probation.  He should do actual time behind bars!  As should ANYONE who hacks into another person’s life!

Obviously, a couple of my cats didn’t get the memo.  :?  I wonder who paid for this study?

Finding life on Mars would certainly be interesting, but it’s not exactly a top priority.  Although, if Mars could sustain life, I can think of quite a few folks I wouldn’t mind sending in that direction to find out how well it would sustain life.  :twisted:

Wouldn’t it be novel if the Times, just once, came out and said the Obama White House LIED, and is totally full of caca de toro?  I know, I’m asking way too much.  sigh….

I don’t think Governor-elect Walker is being unreasonable. Personally, I think he’s just asking the outgoing administration to stop being a horse’s rump. Seems perfectly logical to me.

The man just refuses to admit he’s batting zero:?

Why couldn’t that arrogant woman just accept the voters rejection?  Personal opinion: A lot of Dems wrote in her name cuz they knew their candidate was going to lose, and they are scared of anyone who supports the U.S. Constitution!

If THIS doesn’t piss you off, then you need to move your sorry ass to a different country!

Leaving Arizona

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Study: 100,000 Hispanics Left Arizona After SB1070

A new study suggests there may be 100,000 fewer Hispanics in Arizona than there were before the debate over the state’s tough new immigration law earlier this year.

Do they mean Hispanics who came through the front door, or the ones that snuck in from the back? Since this study comes from Mexico City, it’s really hard to tell. Facts would be nice.

The study released Wednesday also cites Mexican government figures as saying that 23,380 Mexicans returned from Arizona to Mexico between June and September.

Well, at least that’s 23K+ that didn’t move into the rest of the states.

U.S. census figures from 2008 say about 30 percent of people living in Arizona are Hispanic, or about 1.9 million.

Either they are Hispanics, or they are Americans. If they are Hispanics, then this is not their home. If they are Americans, then hey, glad you’re here! Many families were living in the area before Arizona was won in the Mexican-American War. Those same families were there when Arizona became a state. They are Americans!

Immigrants are heavily employed in Arizona’s construction industry, which has suffered — along with the rest of the state’s economy — in the economic downturn.

Once again, are they actually immigrants, who went through the legal process? Or, were they illegal invaders, criminally employed by companies that need to pay the penalty for breaking the law?

The study also predicts that remittances — the money sent home by migrants working abroad — won’t recover their peak value of about $26 billion until 2012 or 2013.

Money that should have been earned by LEGAL American citizens, and kept right here in the U.S. of A.

Remittances are Mexico’s second-largest source of foreign income after oil exports. Nearly all of the money comes from the U.S., where nearly 12 million Mexicans live.

Here’s a novel concept: Why doesn’t Mexico come up with ways to actually PRODUCE something, that will provide jobs for their citizens. I’m fairly sure there are a few entrepreneurs in the country who would be more than happy to create businesses that would provide income for willing workers. I mean, other than corrupt politicians, drug cartels, and violent criminals!

The research center also estimated that remittances were dwarfed by the amount of money Mexican migrants paid in taxes in the United States — about $53 billion in 2008

If they buy food, clothing, etc., of course they pay taxes. However, if they are in the country illegally, how many actually filed federal income tax? The study fails to report how much ILLEGALS actually COST the taxpayer in medical care, public education, prison housing, etc. If illegals are costing the state of Arizona roughly $2.7 BILLION a year, multiply that by 50 states, and you’ve got a number that far exceeds any taxes paid in.

Glenn Beck 11/11/10

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