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Crossing The Line

21 November 2010, 9:13 am. 12 Comments. Filed under Opinion, Travel, U.S. Constitution, War on Terror.

TSA’s security charade
Washington Times

In the past few days, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) policies have been probed almost as thoroughly as the elderly men and teenage girls subjected to one of the agency’s indecent “enhanced” pat-downs. They’ve come up short. TSA’s top man, John S. Pistole, testified Wednesday that he had no choice but to implement the security measures based on the intelligence he has on potential threats. Not that he is willing to share this information. It’s all classified, of course.

A more likely explanation is that the Obama administration is engaging in a classic form of bureaucratic backside covering. Should another Islamic extremist board an aircraft while TSA agents are busy grabbing sippy cups from toddlers and confiscating fingernail clippers from Marines, the agency plausibly can claim there was nothing more it could have done. After all, with nude photography sessions and stories of nuns and 3-year-olds being groped, TSA has made it clear it has crossed every line of common decency – even laws governing sexual assault.

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Naw….me neither.

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