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It Is What It Is…..OBAMACARE!

Rep. Cohen: Don’t Call it “ObamaCare”

Returning Congressman Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., told Fox News on Sunday “there’s gonna have to be” bipartisanship in the 112th Congress.

Why? Why does there have to be ‘bipartisanship in the 112th’? There sure wasn’t any in the 111th! Closed doors and shut out by the Democrats. Is THAT the kind of bipartisanship he’s talking about?

But that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Cohen says while he has “many great Republican friends,” he’s aware of the “sloganeering” used by those across the aisle.

“The other party refers to the new healthcare plan as ‘ObamaCare,’” said Cohen. “It’s not ObamaCare. It’s the United States healthcare plan.”

No, it is NOT the “United States healthcare plan”! It’s ObamaCare, plain and simple. Or, perhaps, we should call it the “Shoved down the throats of Americans by the Democraps, tax the country out of existence, run doctors out of business, don’t give a damn about anyone, Care”? Naw…way too long. ObamaCare….simpler. Considering a LARGE majority of the citizens TOLD you we did NOT want your government take over of our health care system, why should we give a happy crap what you have to say? Didn’t y’all do enough damage when Kennedy’s HMO nonsense was pushed through? The down fall of the insurance and health care systems began with the Democrats, and now they have made sure they will destroy them, once and for all.

Despite the rhetoric, Cohen says he is looking forward to working with incoming House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.

“The Republicans have the majority now and they need to make it work,” Cohen told Fox News. “Speaker Boehner will reach out to some Democrats to get help to pass things that maybe some of the new Republicans won’t vote for, but make the country work.”

Ballsy dude, isn’t it! No, Steve, we don’t want y’all to do anymore damage than you’ve already done, thankuverymuch! How about you listen to WE, The People for a change, and we said NO! NO MORE! It’s time to do some serious reversals! Starting with…….OBAMACARE!  I’d rather see this Congress do absolutely NOTHING, than to watch them spend us even further into oblivion!  Defense and roads.  That’s their job.  Regulating our lives is NOT!

And maybe they could start work on repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments?  Just a thought.

On This Day In History….

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….  I was in AGONY!  3 days worth, as a matter of fact.  She was late, and nothing has changed since.  :?

Holy cow!  My little baby girl is…………………MIDDLE AGED!  ………………………………………………………………………………

Oh….sorry….where was I.  Oh, the heck with it!  Can’t remember now!  Heh.