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Weasel Time

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In Case You Missed It….

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Not that anything will stop the lies from the left, but sometimes, you have to try.

Via Email

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TALLEY’S LOCK & LOAD in Savannah, TN just reported to TICS that someone tried to break in at their gun store around 3-3:30 a.m this morning. Mr. Talley had to go to his store after learning of the attempted burglary. He reports that he had placed some kind of film on his windows and it helped prevent entry.

I’m sending this advisory out to approx. 875 Tennessee FFLS. Those of you in Hardin County and those counties bordering Hardin may want to keep close watch on your stores. Sounds like this was an amateurish attempt at burglary, but one never knows.

I suppose the burglar(s) may have felt that it would be difficult for police to respond quickly if an alarm went off, and the time of night/day that this occurred would have meant less traffic out and therefore a greater likelihood of a successful getaway. Also fewer people up at that time of morning who might witness anything.

Douglas D. Woodlee
Tennessee Instant Check System
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

FYI…you do NOT wanna mess with Claggett! :twisted:

You Don’t Want A Car Mechanic To Do Brain Surgery

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Obama’s Anti-Drilling Agenda
The Foundry

President Obama’s oil spill commission will release its long-awaited final report this morning, recommending new government regulations and limits on drilling. These conclusions could shape the future of the oil industry — and impact our nation’s energy policy for years to come.

The commission’s primary focus was determining the cause of the spill. Last week it revealed that errors by BP, Transocean and Halliburton contributed to the blowout of the Macondo well, resulting in the deaths of 11 people and the worst spill in history.

But the commission’s members have decided to go a step further. The anti-drilling measures recommended in their report would take America in the wrong direction. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Obama picked five members who lack expertise in drilling and have a history of donating to Democrats. One member leads the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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Coffee & Chicory

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Since the media tends to “report” out of context, or get it flat out wrong, I think this is an excellent idea, and more should record them as well.

Is Bloomberg so oblivious he couldn’t see, with his own two eyes, how bad the situation was?  Jeeeez!

If something like this is suppose to be a secret, why do we always hear about it in the media?  That just doesn’t make a bit of sense!  And why, pray tell, would a spy plane be built in a foreign country, instead of right here in the U.S. of A.?

Looks like Georgia got it pretty bad, worse than we did.  So much for that ‘global warming’ BS.

Why isn’t anyone in this administration, or the previous one for that matter, taking the threats out of Iran seriously?

So, how many kids have to die before someone takes a real good look at the people running the show?

I honestly can NOT understand why that fish wrap is still in business!  Lies and distortions do not constitute news!  They should change their name to The Commie Times!

Baby murder is on the rise.

If a planet is gazillions of miles away, how can they tell it has a ‘rocky core’?  :?

We’re leaving.  We’re not leaving.  We’re leaving.  Back and forth.  Just blow the place up already and lets get on with the business of securing OUR borders!

I guess they didn’t include Congress in their study.

When the going gets tough, the UN runs for cover!

Is D.C. going to bow to the whims of a dictator?  Just curious.

Warning systems are pretty useless if they don’t send out a warning BEFORE the catastrophe.

At least someone gets it.  Obviously, countries need to secure their borders.  Why can’t anyone understand it here?  :?  Naturally, the Useless Numnuts have issues.

Territory belongs to the victor.  And you can NOT state that a city that belongs to someone else is the capital of a country that doesn’t exist.

If I could, I’d be right there, standing with the Arizonans against that evil bunch of pond scum!

Forcing something on citizens who don’t want it isn’t very democratic, is it?

Europe, and everyone else, really should stay out of Israel’s business!

Glenn Beck 01/11/11

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