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Saturday Afternoon – Movie Watchin’ – Laundry Time

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It’s Not Always Just the Criminals That Are Stoopid…..

15 January 2011, 10:09 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Crime, Feckless Weasels, Massive Stupidity.

….sometimes, the families ain’t the sharpest tools either. :?

Coffee & Chicory

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if WE had at least 90% of the voting population to get out and actually VOTE?

“Outsiders” is a pretty good idea, but most of ‘em are still politicians.  I’d suggest a regular ol’ citizen advisory board too, volunteers, of course (i.e. no pay…well, maybe travel expenses, but that’s it).  Nothing worse than a new guy coming into office, surrounded by politicians, who are largely disconnected from those they intend to govern.  Just a thought.

I’m sorry, but after 2 years of blathering, are we really expect to buy into his ‘play nice’ rhetoric?  Where was this tone when he and his congressional cronies were locking the opposition out of meetings?  Where was it when all the lies and distortions were flying around, many from his own mouth, about Tea Party members?  Where was the play nice attitude then?  No where!  So, do NOT expect those on the right to just fall all over themselves for ya!

If the Russians have NO problem drilling in a frozen waste land, why is there a problem with doing the same thing here?  We’re going to be ‘owned’ by every petty tin pot dictator all because we have too many jackwipe control freaks running the show!  We have plenty of energy resources, why not make use of them while searching for a viable alternative… that doesn’t break the country, and doesn’t take food out of the mouths of our children!

Incoherent ‘grammar’!

Failing to recognize just how dangerous Iran is to the rest of the world is going to have some people scratching their pointy little heads, wondering…. “Wha’ happened?”

Our soldiers did their job!  They got rid of a murderous dictator!  But they are now being murdered by the very ones they are trying to assist and train?  Screw them all! May they blow themselves up, slaughter their own, and burn in hell!

This focus on color is getting more than just a little ridiculous.  How about focusing on education so that when it comes time for a governor, or whoever, to choose cabinets, there will be plenty of people of many different backgrounds able to serve in that capacity. Quality, not quantity!

Why don’t they just call it what it is?  Legalized infanticide!

Glenn Beck 01/14/11

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