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Obama’s Foreign Policy

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Plastic Woman Stretches Reality

Pelosi: GOP House getting little done

Democrats accused Republicans of wasting time and getting little done as the House began 10 hours of debate Thursday on a resolution intended to kill burdensome regulations.

“This is a make work product for Republicans who are without an agenda for job creation,” Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said. “You have nothing else to offer.”

Psst! Nanny! You are no longer Speaker.  You spent four years doing more than your share of running this country into the ground.  Now, it’s time for you to sit down, and shut up.  The grown ups are in charge now, and it’s high time you realize your relevancy is highly suspect!  Your idea of ‘job creation’ is destroying those businesses that actually CREATES jobs, taxing and regulating them into oblivion, and putting government ‘jobs’ at the forefront.  Well, Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz Pelosi….who pays the salaries of all those gubmint workers, eh?  I mean, seriously, if there are no private businesses anymore, where does the TAX money come from to pay YOUR salary?  Hmmmm…???

Pelosi said Democrats approved far more productive bills in their first month in previous Congresses, and chided Republicans’ lack of progress. She criticized not only the resolution on regulations, but the vote last month to repeal healthcare, which failed to move in the Senate. Pelsoi said the healthcare vote was “red meat” for the insurance industry.

And there, m’dear….is the crux of the problem. Y’all pushed unconstitutional, 2 THOUSAND paged bills, numerous tax schemes, etc., on a rather LOUD majority of WE, The People. You were FIRED as Speaker, because, well….y’all actually suck at the job!  And if you weren’t aware, we actually WANT extensive and exhaustive debate on important issues.  Shoot…..ALL issues.  Perhaps y’all will stop wasting OUR money if you are actually AWARE of what is in a bill, or resolution.

I guess we can’t fault the old, plastic woman too much for her ignorance.  I mean, after all, when you shoot that much garbage into your face, odds are, there will be some will leak into what was once a brain.

Breaking News

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Egyptian VP Says Mubarak Has Stepped Down

Now what?

The announcement touched off a wave of jubilation throughout Cairo’s Tehrir Square, where tens of thousands of anti-government protesters had gathered demanding Mubarak’s ouster hours after he failed to do so in an address on Thursday.

While I would like to be optimistic, I’m afraid circumstances in the world right now prevent me from being so. We can pray the Islamists don’t get a foot hold, but I don’t see that scenario with so many of Egypt’s neighbors pushing for a formation of government based on the Quran and sharia. Evidently, many in the country are pro sharia, so I’m not real sure why so many talking heads are spouting about ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’. Sharia doesn’t promote freedom of any sort.

I will be praying for all the people of Egypt to make the right decisions. I will also be praying for the safety and well being of the Copts. They have been the target of both the government, and the people of Egypt, for way too long.

More Rainbow Farting Unicorns

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Egypt Exposes Obama Doctrine Happy Talk
The Foundry

The Obama Administration thought they had solved the crisis in Egypt. Yesterday in Marquette, Michigan, President Barack Obama told students at Northern Michigan University, “What is absolutely clear is that we are witnessing history unfold. It’s a moment of transformation that’s taking place because the people of Egypt are calling for change.” But hours later, after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak refused to step down, White House officials were “stumbling for their next step in a crisis that was spinning out of their control.” How could President Obama have gotten events in Egypt so wrong?

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Coffee & Chicory

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Even though this is an extremely dangerous situation, I find it rather amusing that Obama has the cajones to question the “credibility” of anything and anyone.

Oh yeah….Lamar is seen as a professional, alright.  A professional politician.  We already have enough of those sullying the Halls of Congress.  Contrary to what many might believe, Alexander isn’t all that popular with a great many of the folks of Tennessee.

When you are digging a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging. Mr Obama has dug many holes in the past couple of years, and I guess no one has advised him it is not wise to continue on the same path, with the same companions, feeding you the same advice.  The FIRST thing this morning, someone should ‘advise’ him to replace one of the key players in this mess.  Not only does it make the speaker appear to be an incompetent boob, it also makes the entire administration appear incompetent.  Granted, not hard to do, but this is some serious stuff going on, and the last thing we need is someone in a security position that is so completely, and utterly clueless.  I’d say, at this point, hari-kari wouldn’t be out of place.  :?

I honestly thought this issue was dead in Texas.  Has Perry forgotten a few important facts?  Like ya don’t steal folks’ property?  I mean, yeah…they’ve been doing it for a while in other states, and look what that has accomplished.  Once you are denied your right to property, by the feckless behavior of politicians, the denial of other rights will definitely fall by the wayside as well.

At least feckless Republicans have the decency to resign.  On the other hand, Democrats wear their infidelities and scandalous thefts as badges of honor.  It appears the Republican leadership has a LOT more honor than the Democrats, doesn’t it.  :?  Not excusing the ‘roo who can’t seem to keep it in his pouch….there is NO excusing such behavior, but wouldn’t it be nice if we had politicians, of BOTH parties, with integrity?  Yeah…I know…I’m asking WAY too much.

Just why wasn’t this pig charged with first degree murder?  Apparently, this was not a ‘crime of passion’, so I am a bit baffled.

Did the GOP leadership not get the memo?  I think it was a pretty big one…they couldn’t have missed it. I mean, after all, the election in November had some pretty big print that even D’Bama could read….even if Nanny Pelosi couldn’t.  (I blame all the botox for her lack of vision.)

Oh, THIS should get REAL interesting.  But since most unions seem to believe they are entitled to the taxpayer’s money, more than the one who actually earns it….I’d have to say Walker is taking a step in the right direction.  What I’d like to see…..outlaw the SOBs.  They’ve done enough damage to this country already.

If Jerry Brown is serious about working on California’s HUGE deficit, he might want to have a chat with Scott Walker.  A state isn’t going to attract business if they keep making it impossible for them to actually do business in the state, which of course, means you lower your corporate taxes, and make your state “right to work”.  It’s a start!

Stock up with what you can, while you can.  It ain’t gonna get any better.  At least, not for quite a while.

Who comes up with this crap?  Well, a Democrat, of course!

Could this be one of the very minor reasons that the EU was a real bad idea?

There is no doubt in my mind that unions were behind this libel.  I’ve yet to hear any apologies to Toyota from ANYONE for this irresponsible behavior, costing MILLIONS and damaging an otherwise credible company.

Returning to “normal” life might be quite difficult for the Egyptians.  If they truly do want a form of democracy, then they had best kick out the radical leftists from the various commie/socialist organizations who have been fanning the flames, and by NO means, should they allow the Muslim Brotherhood to get a foothold in their new government.

No offense to Congresswoman Giffords, she’s obviously one of the few rational Democrats, but shouldn’t her major concern, and those of her party, to be for her to regain her health, before the pundits start speculating about her future run for Senate?  Is it me, or there some folks who priorities are a tad skewed.   As always, prayers continue for the brave young lady’s speedy recovery.

What is it about liberals that they just can’t stand it when someone in government is actually SAVING money?  First off, who cares if these people sleep in their offices.  Just think of how much pollution is being prevented by them not going back and forth to some overpriced hotel, or apartment!  What a bunch of flippin’ weasels!  Not to mention the hypocrisy that ALWAYS comes along with anything such ‘progressive” groups whine about on a regular basis.  :?

I hope that no one who has been paying attention is actually surprised.

Glenn Beck 02/10/11

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