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“It’s For The CHILdren”

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Rest In Peace

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Jane Russell, Film Star of ’40s and ’50s, Dies at 89

Jane Russell, the brunette who was discovered by Howard Hughes and went on to become one of the biggest stars of the 1940s and ’50s, has died at age 89.

Russell’s daughter-in-law Etta Waterfield says the actress died Monday at her home in Santa Maria of a respiratory-related illness.

Hughes, the eccentric billionaire, cast Russell in his sexy, and controversial, 1941 Western “The Outlaw,” turning her into an overnight star.

She would go on to appear opposite such leading men as Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope, as well as fellow actress Marilyn Monroe.

Well…Why Not?

28 February 2011, 11:19 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Education.

If groups can award scholarships based on color, why can’t white men have them too?   Does the United Negro College Fund give money to white males so they can go to college?  How about the Hispanic Scholarship?  I’m fairly sure those scholarships directed towards women don’t typically hand out a few bucks to the males.  There are even scholarships for Muslims.   We know there are numerous scholarships for athletics.  It seems there are scholarship funds for every ‘group’ under the sun, EXCEPT for white males in the non-athletic type category.  I think it’s high time they get their own fund.  OR, how about we do away with color or ‘religion’ biased scholarships completely, and award the bucks to the most academically promising students?  Just a thought.

An aside: I’ve never understood why they award full scholarships to young fellas who can barely speak coherent English.  Ever watched some of them (not all, mind you….just some) on the idjit box being interviewed after a game?

Coffee & Chicory

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I came across this little tidbit while snooping around the interwebs yesterday.  It’s not news cuz we all know these people are seriously mentally deranged.  Facts don’t factor into their agenda, and lies will be spread on a regular basis.

Aren’t the police suppose to be protecting those who work in the capital, and the capital itself?  How is allowing thugs to remain in the building, after turning it into a trash bin protecting anyone?  If the teachers went back to work, who are these people?  I’m thinking anyone who doesn’t have a Wisconsin I.D. needs to be bussed back to wherever they came from.

What total B.S.!  Why should a business have to pay benefits for a rude employee?  It’s apparent that the woman was fired for ‘just cause’.  Who is running that board anyway?

Ever dropped a jar of mayonnaise?  Imagine trying to clean up thousands of jars.

It’s way past time to tackle that ‘third rail’ and put it out of OUR misery.

Say whut????

Classy. :?  Can anyone speak these days without their comments being peppered with four lettered words?   And no, I didn’t watch.  Don’t give a flying flip about a bunch of left coast libs sucking up to each other.

Apparently, the Irish are pretty ticked off too!

I don’t think eons of tribalism will just vanish with the creation of a new country, but good luck with that anyway.

Please, keep that man away from the economy!  Hasn’t he done enough damage?  Come to think of it…..keep him away from ANYTHING important!

Does Mr. Massie really think those race baiters will really give an account?  They talk big, but have no facts, or proof, to back their rhetoric.

We should ALL mourn the slaughter of the innocent!

I wasn’t aware the U.S. had invaded Tunisia and Egypt.  :?  I certainly don’t support propping up dictators, but I also don’t think it’s a real good idea to let the Islamists take control of ANYTHING!

Just who is feeling better about the economy, other than the administration and their minions in the media?  And why aren’t people up in arms about one of the BIG reasons we have such high prices at the gas pump?

Sorry.  You don’t have a RIGHT to bankrupt the states.

Is the crazy man trying to encourage riots?

But it’s ok when Ahmanutjob murders people in the streets?

The lefties’ hero was a slut, as well as a killer.  But then, we knew that.

This piece of garbage has been in power how long, and they are just now getting around to questioning ‘crimes against humanity‘?  What took them so long???