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11 April 2011, 11:21 am. Comments Off. Filed under General News, Opinion.

Apparently, if it’s an African country, there will be atrocities, on both sides.  I’m wondering if turning this guy over to the ‘rebels’ was a good idea.

Since nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it state that killing babies is a “right”, I’d welcome some revisions on abortion, including a waiting period.  They might also consider making all involved take a good look at a sonogram!

Do you think the anti-Israeli types will begin to understand the horrors the Jewish people had to endure by watching these videos?  Perhaps learn from history?  Naw…me neither.  Such hatred runs deep and are totally irrational.

There is something seriously wrong with our society, and Chicago in particular!  It seems to me that evil has filled the void that government created.

Chicago may still be enamored with D’Bama, but I get the impression the rest of the country has issues with the “community organizer”.

They have learned well from their terrorist brothers from foreign countries.

Let’s face it!  Democrats just flat out hate children!

Apparently, the law doesn’t matter to Democrats.  Creating sanctuary cities for lawbreakers seems par for the course, even though such actions cost taxpayers BILLIONS every year….what do they care?  It’s not their money after all.

How long does it take for the temperature inside of a vehicle to reach 112 degrees?  I’d guess a bit longer than just a few minutes.  Some people don’t have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel!

I’m pretty sure if someone used the sense God gave them, this “awakening” could have been stopped.  It still could, they just have to consider what to do with all that glass afterwards.  :D

But the ‘border is safe‘, right?  :|

They actually spend money on what any bullied 8th grader could tell them?

Is this Bush’s fault too?  :?

Why are U.S. funds paying for this?  We are freakin’ BROKE!

I’m not sure why the Egyptians thought anything was going to get better, that people would be more free to speak their minds.

Yeah….like that’s ever going to really happen.   A terrorist’s word means NOTHING!

I’m not really sure what I think of Donald Trump, but at least HE is asking the questions that the media should have been asking!  And no, I am NOT a ‘birther’.  I’d just like to know what D’Bama is hiding.  Where are his school records, etc.?

This could get REAL interesting.  It’s not as if Muslims in France give a damn about French law, or any county they have effectively invaded.

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