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In Case You Haven’t Listened To This Man….

25 April 2011, 6:23 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Heroes, Politics, video.

….pay close attention!

A man of integrity! Yep….there are still a few around.

*biting tongue*

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Gold Hits New Record as Dollar Expected to Tumble

Gold hit another record in trading on Monday as the dollar is expected to tumble against other currencies, CNBC reports.

Gold hit $1,517.71 an ounce, before easing to $1,515.65, up 0.8 percent, says CNBC. U.S. gold futures also rose to an all-time high, at $1,518.6 an ounce.

Booming silver prices are also accompanying rising gold, and have actually outpaced gold numbers.

“Silver prices have climbed nearly 60 percent so far this year, after jumping more than 80 percent in 2010, outpacing gold’s 7 percent rise and the 10-percent gain in the 19-commodity Reuters-Jefferies CRB index,” reports CNBC.

Nope….NOT gonna say “I told you so!”

Union Thug = Communist

25 April 2011, 1:12 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Pond Scum.

From Breitbart:

YOUR tax dollars supporting union thugs in the classroom.

Stock up!

Is The TN GOP Supporting Voter Fraud?

25 April 2011, 10:32 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Election Stuff, Politics, Tennessee.

GOP moves to repeal TN paper ballot law

A plan to require paper ballots in next year’s elections is on the verge of being repealed, the latest in a series of actions taken by Republicans in the state legislature to rewrite Tennessee election laws.

State representatives are trying to reverse most of a 2008 law that called for the replacement of electronic voting machines across the state with paper ballots read by computerized scanners. The move would kill off a plan that supporters say would create a verifiable record of votes but opponents say will be costly and open to tampering.

Now, I am thoroughly confused. And I read the entire article….TWICE. Electronic voting can be manipulated. Paper ballots can be ‘found’, days later.  Perhaps they are only thinking of the costs in terms of money.  But the cost of fraud goes far beyond dollars and cents.

Our voices should be heard at the ballot box, yet there have been many examples of fraud in both paper and electronic ballots.  Would the viable choice be an electronic vote, with a back up print out?  Keep the two separate.  If there is a dispute, from one or the other, then you have a back up of who the vote actually went to.  If the vote is for candidate A on the electronic ballot, but the paper ballot has candidate B, and visa versa, then that vote is tossed.

I find it quite disturbing that any of the GOP in Nashville are stumbling on this issue at a time when many are starting to feel their vote doesn’t count, and it’s all predestined.

Past Time To Cut Up The Children’s Credit Card!

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Uncontrolled Spending Is the Real Threat
The Foundry

All across Western Europe—the land of platinum-plated social benefits, the 35-hour work week, tony retirement plans and government-funded health care—countries are coming to the realization that they can no longer afford these luxuries amid skyrocketing deficits. Yet here in the United States, as we face a $14.3 trillion deficit, some are calling for increasing our government’s ability to borrow even more money without any concern for spending reform. Congress can’t allow that to happen, lest we become the Europe of the West.

The U.S. government is fast approaching its $14.294 trillion debt ceiling — the statutory limit on how much money it can borrow to finance spending. Just how big is that? To put it in perspective, it would take essentially everything that Americans produced in all of last year to pay off the existing national debt. That comes out to $45,000 of debt for each American.

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