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Three Convicted in Terror-Related Cases Later Granted U.S. Citizenship by Obama Administration

“One of the individuals was naturalized in late 2009. The other two were naturalized in 2010,” says the e-mail from the GAO.

Would someone please explain to me why this administration thinks granting citizenship to convicted TERRORISTS was a good idea??????

Evil Oil

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Oh yeah….real evil.  Problem is, it’s not so much the oil companies that are evil.  Compare how much profit  the oil companies (in this case ‘evil’ Exxon) makes compared to the how much state governments suck from your pocket.

“For every gallon of gasoline, diesel or finished products we manufactured and sold in the United States in the last three months of 2010, we earned a little more than 2 cents per gallon. That’s not a typo. Two cents.”

Look real well at the chart now….

See the difference?  It’s not the oil company that is bilking you…it’s the taxes.

By state:

Now, with just taking a cursory glance at this map, I’d have to say, on average, the more “progressive” the state, the higher the taxes.  You want to complain about gas prices, talk to the libs!  For the love of pete, STOP electing these morons!  And while you’re at it, you Obamabots…you might want to have a serious conversation with your messiah, since HE is the one that refuses to allow American companies to drill.  Oh, he’ll let FOREIGN companies drill OUR oil, but not us.

While some folks are pushing to stop drilling completely for oil, take into consideration just some of the products that are MADE from oil:

Heart Valves
Rubbing Alcohol
Hearing Aids
Motorcycle helmets
Safety glass
Toilet seats
Denture adhesive
Fan belts
Dishwashing liquids
Life jackets
Insect repellent
Artificial Limbs

And that’s just a VERY few!  How will your life be improved without such items, hmmmm???

The Promise of ‘Forever’

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FYI: I did NOT watch any of the coverage of this pageant. I wish them well, but I honestly don’t give a flip if another ‘royal’ gets married. People get married every day. And this particular wedding is no more important than than anyone else’s wedding.

Marriage Is an Ideal, Not a Fairy Tale
The Foundry

As many as two billion people — about a third of the world — were expected to watch today’s British royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The global euphoria highlights the enduring ideal of marriage. For all the extravagance and fanfare of a future monarch’s wedding, we recognize in it some of our deepest human aspirations and the shared nobility of the institution of marriage.

That same chord was struck 30 years ago, as the world watched another royal wedding on July 29, 1981. As ABC’s Ted Koppel commented that evening: “Today’s marriage between Charles and Diana was … a hugely magnified version of what most of us hope for, the idealized beginning of what is meant to ripen into the perfect partnership of a man and a woman.”

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Fire Them ALL!

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University of Wisconsin Considering Punishing Doctors Who Issued Sick Notes to Protesters

Some of the doctors at the University of Wisconsin who gave out sick notes to union supporters skipping work to protest face punishment ranging from written reprimands to docked pay and loss of leadership positions.

That’s it? They commit fraud, and they’ll get a slap on the hand? How about loss of job? If they did it once, and are not truly punished, they WILL do it again. What’s to say these are the types who write unneeded prescriptions? Not saying they are, but if they don’t believe the rules apply to them, then what is to stop them from breaking other rules, as serious, even not more so, in the future?

“Personnel action will be based on the specific nature of the offense and the level of the physician’s involvement,” the statement said.

Pfft! Are these the types of physicians we’d put in charge of our healthcare? No integrity? I sure as hell wouldn’t!

The doctors handed out sick notes to union supporters so they could protest on Feb. 19. against Gov. Scott Walker’s budget bill calling for an end to collective bargaining for most state workers. Many were teachers who could be disciplined for missing work without a legitimate excuse.

“Who COULD be disciplined”? How about a very large pink slip? They obviously didn’t give a damn about the students they were hired to teach. None of this is about the kids. It’s about their fat benefits and pension, bill footed by the tax payers! That’s what union thugs do! The extort, lie, cheat, and threaten to get their way. To hell with everyone else!

Glenn Beck 04/28/11

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