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11 May 2011, 8:43 am. Comments Off. Filed under General News, Opinion.

Here’s a thought….how about using any profits to pay back the taxpayers?  The government has NO business bailing out anyone, or anything with OUR money!  They sure as hell have no business selling off shares to be used to pay off lawsuits and CEOs.

Probation? For killing her children????

Don’t much care if it ‘violated international law’.  A murderous pig is dead, shot down like the dog he was.  Nope.  No problem.

If there were witnesses, why the hell was that child still in that house????

John Kerry needs to stop sucking up to America’s enemies.

No branch of the military should be caving to the foolish whims of political correctness.  There’s right, and there is wrong.  Lessons that SHOULD have been learned as children.

If we aren’t going to be fighting terror, pretty much on a permanent basis, until the terrorist stop, or are all dead, then wouldn’t we be declaring defeat?  Oh yeah…the dems LIKE defeat of Americans.  It’s in their nature to cut and run from the tough battles.  I keep forgetting.  :?

Yep.  We want alligators. We also want land mines, well armed citizens, gun turrets, and throw in a few piranhas too!  In other words, we want our border secured from the illegal invasion!!  That oath…you know the one….’to protect and defend’?  If you can’t do, please step away from the teleprompter, and let someone in there that CAN handle the job.

One way to solve the problem…..genocide.  Yep, I’m talking about wiping them ALL off the face of the planet!

Wouldn’t it make a lot of sense if government workers had to save for their own retirement out of their paychecks?  Just like folks had to do in the old days.  The ONLY ones who should ever be given retirement benefits are our military!  Seems to me this would solve a few problems with the unfunded, and underfunded liabilities.

Romney offering a health care proposal is kind of like me offering advice for exercise.  :?

We can no longer trust judges on the bench to uphold the U.S. Constitution if they stack the deck.  Obamacare IS unconstitutional!

Since this administration is basically inviting terrorists, and potential terrorists into our homes, yeah….I’d say the lone wolf types will be a major problem in the future.

If a big one does hit Rome, I don’t think closing shops and wearing hardhats are going to make a whole lot of difference.  :|

The constant putting off of executions does more harm than any good.  A conviction and 2 years, MAX….the pull the trigger, plunger, switch….whatever!  THESE people need to get a serious clue!  Obviously, they’ve decided that God’s law doesn’t apply when it comes to their ‘social justice’ nonsense.  Well, ridding the world of a murderer IS justice for society.

There ARE miracles.  Everyday.  Some big, some small, but miracles none the less.

I have two small scars on my left arm from bullies with bb guns.  Yeah…I do believe these two should be charged.  The kid may be blind!

The Presbyterian church sure has changed since I was a kid attending services with my family.  No longer Bible based, so, I guess, it’s no longer really a Christian church….just another cult.

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