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Killer Dude

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NO Subsidies!

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The Truth Behind Oil Subsidies
The Foundry

It’s easy to take shots at oil companies, especially when gas prices are rising over $4 per gallon. Playing the role of David against an enormous corporate Goliath is a great way to score political points, so it’s no wonder that President Barack Obama and liberals in Congress have issued a clarion call for the end to oil subsidies as a way of wreaking revenge against those they say are responsible for the high cost of energy.

The truth, though, isn’t as simple as the good-versus evil fable the left would have you believe.

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Obama: Freedom or Islam?
Washington Times

President Obama is trying to hit the reset button on his outreach efforts to the world’s Muslims. He would do better to focus on aggressively promoting freedom rather than pandering to Islam.

The first round of outreach – kicked off by Mr. Obama’s June 2009 speech in Cairo – was a spectacular failure. Opinion polling on sentiment towards the United States in countries with Muslim majorities showed an initial burst of enthusiasm, followed in 2010 by a collapse. In some cases, Muslim approval of America fell to levels lower than during the waning days of the George W. Bush administration.

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I’m thinking a great many people have figured out by now….Barack Hussein Obama is NO Christian.  Oh, he claims to be one, but just because you stand in the garage, doesn’t make you a Lamborghini.  (In his case, maybe a Volt.  :? )  Have you actually LISTENED to his preacher of 20 years??  He may, or may not have, been born in Hawaii, I don’t know, and don’t much care.  But he is NO American.  Americans have pride in their countries accomplishments, which in our case, are many.  An American doesn’t run around the world, undermining their country to the joy of our enemies.

They say that a child’s personality is pretty much set by the time they are 5 years old.  Well, let’s take a look at where Barry was living when he was five.  Oh, that’s right….not America.  He was in a MUSLIM country at the age of 3.  He went to school there, learned what they learned in a foreign country.  He did NOT develop a love of America as most of us did as a child.  He learned the Quran.  America is freedom.  The Quran is slavery and hatred.

He’s reaching out to the very people who want to see us dead.  Why?  No one has ever explained this.  When someone is pointing a gun at you, ready to fire, you don’t reach out your hand to them….you’ll get it shot off.  He bows to dictators, and embarrasses the hell out of Americans, yet won’t reach out to America, or Americans, except to put his hand in OUR pockets, through a variety of overreaching laws, regulations, and pure D theft.

The lessons he learned as a child are being implemented to our detriment.  Islam in his formative years, socialism through family and friends.  He actually sought out those who hate America to develop friendships.

After the 2008 election, I was willing to give the man a chance.  Well, he had his chance.  He blew it.  BIG TIME!  Right out of the gate.  Now, all I want to see is his resounding defeat in 2012.

Glenn Beck 05/12/11

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