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16 May 2011, 8:22 am. Comments Off. Filed under General News, Opinion.

I agree!  SHUT UP! Honestly, I don’t think the lame stream give a happy crap about the safety and well being of our troops.  If they did, they’d be a bit more discreet about what they publish.

I’m getting to the point, if they KNOW these people are ‘career criminals’, don’t get sending them through the system.  Put them out of OUR misery.  If they aware of gang activity, find a nice secluded island, and give them their own territory, to destroy at will.  That way, WE won’t be subjected to these animals.  Just a thought.

Does anyone really believe the U.N., would, or could do anything about the attempted invasion of Israel by a bunch of thugs?  It they do, it’ll be a major SHOCK.

Contrary to what the leftards want to believe, not too many people are interested in riding the train.  Why should tax money keep paying for a LOSING proposition?

Governor Moonbeam is quite typical of liberals.  The answer is always take money away from one group of people, and hand it over to others.  Doesn’t matter who the recipient is, as long as they can steal it out of the pockets of the hardworking folks who actually EARNED it.

I don’t see a problem in welcoming folks with a strong work ethic, family oriented, and well educated.

There are some seriously demented people in this world.

If the dipwads won’t take care of their terrorist issue, someone has to do it!  It’s way past time to cut of the cash cow to these weasels.

An arrogant French dude?  Color me shocked……………..NOT!  What a sleeze!

Do Democrats really believe that releasing murderers is a good idea?  My question…why is this animal still breathing?

Why is Newt even running?  He’s not really a conservative, and the mood on the right….ain’t gonna tolerate any more RINOS!

This might sound a bit insensitive, but honestly, I’d rather see New Orleans flooded again, than the small communities and farm land.  Watch food prices sky rocket even more.  This decision will affect ALL of us.

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