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An older video.

Dear Israel

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Barack Hussein Obama does NOT speak for me, or a majority of Americans.  WE stand with Israel!

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The bin Laden Effect

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Celebrating the death of a death celebrator, or something like that.

I Stand With Israel!

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I’ve been meaning to post these videos for quite a while. Unfortunately, life, and old age, made me forget. Luckily, I ran across them again today and am finally going to put them up. I’d like to add something before ya watch though….yes…there has been “Christian” persecution of the Jews. However, IMHO, no TRUE Christian would aid in the persecution of anyone, much less God’s chosen people…..not if they’ve actually read the Bible, and have any understanding at all.

Sad to say, the current occupant of the White House has no understanding. For this, I can only apologize to Israel. It is extremely embarrassing for many Americans that such a one should even think he has a say.

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The Burlap People

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‘Burka’ covers bikini advert as firms urged to be more sensitive

The poster, displayed on a bus stop in Normanton, has been vandalised with black graffiti which leaves only the eyes of the female model uncovered.

Gulfraz Nawaz, from the Jamia Mosque in Normanton, said: “Some people of the Muslim community could find an advert like that offensive and react to it, which clearly someone has.

“Firms behind advertising campaigns like that should be a little more sensitive about the location of posters.”

#1 That is vandalism.   If I’m not mistaken, GB has laws against vandalism.
#2 If you don’t like the culture, go the hell back to where you came from where you can put all your women in burlap sacks.
#3 Take your ‘sensitivity’ and shove it where Mohammed don’t shine!

Obama’s Union Thugs

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NLRB Comes to Big Labor’s Defense
The Foundry

It’s hard to imagine Uncle Sam telling Walt Disney where to make movies or McDonald’s how many hamburgers to make, but if you take a look at the case of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) versus Boeing, you’ll see that the federal government is trying to do just that: dictate where and how private industry may do business. And it’s doing so to bolster one of President Barack Obama’s favorite special interests—labor unions.

To catch you up on the story, Boeing Corporation decided to build a new assembly plant in Charleston, South Carolina, in order to produce the 787 Dreamliner. The NLRB (which is responsible investigating unfair labor practices) got wind of the decision and last month filed a complaint against Boeing, alleging that the company decided to build the plant in South Carolina out of retaliation for union strikes at its Washington state facilities. Nevermind that Boeing actually added 2,000 jobs in Washington on this particular project.

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Buying Enemies

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Obama to announce major plan for economic development of Middle East Thursday

President Barack Obama is set to announce a government-directed plan for economic development in the Middle East that emphasizes the role of Western multinational organizations, but that also sidelines the role of companies, ignores the new democracy in Iraq and downplays regional cultural, tribal and religious practices.

I suppose it doesn’t matter than Egypt wants to end the peace with Israel either? Or perhaps, that’s his intent? To aid Egypt in starting a war? It doesn’t matter that his muzzie buddies are destroying churches and murdering Christians.

The plan, which Obama will include in his Thursday speech on Middle East policy at the Department of State, calls for at least $2 billion in debt-relief and loan guarantees to be delivered to Egypt, Tunisia and other countries via non-profits, funding agencies and universities.

Considering how much of OUR money Obama has wasted (and previous administrations, as well), I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, 2 BILLION doesn’t seem like a whole lot to him. But he continuously forgets….it’s OUR money….not his.

However, previous aid has had modest effects. Since 1950, the United States provided almost $4 billion to the U.N. relief agency that has fed and housed the Arabs who fled from Israel in 1948, according to an August 2010 report by the Congressional Research Service. Those Arabs have yet to be integrated into Syria, Lebanon, Egypt or Jordan.

Until a country can prove it’s worth, I see NO reason to give any of them a single dime, through the U.N., or any other venue. The Useless Numnuts have squandered more money than even Obama, and that’s hard to do. Not to mention, giving countries large sums of money does a great deal more harm than it has ever done any good.

Following the signing of the Oslo agreement between Israel and Palestinian groups in 1993, the U.S. has supplied over $3.5 billion in aid to Palestinian groups, the CRS report said. But this month, the Arab government on the West Bank of the Jordan river announced a power-sharing deal with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Hamas affiliate, which has repeatedly cited religious reasons for its efforts to destroy Israel, and which has repeatedly ignited battles with Israeli defense forces. Hamas currently controls the Gaza Strip.

Obama may not be THE anti-Christ, but he sure is assisting in the attempted destruction of Israel. Either he doesn’t know or doesn’t care. If he doesn’t know his actions are promoting war on the “Big and Little Satans” (US and Israel), then he is even more incompetent than I thought. If he doesn’t care, he needs, desperately, to be schooled in reality.   Either way, he needs to be stopped!

From 1971 to 2001, the U.S. also donated $25 billion to Egypt, $2.4 billion to Jordan, $470 million to Lebanon and $703 million to Palestinian groups, according to a June 2010 CRS report.

What has the world received in return for our investment? Not a damn thing. What do they create? Poverty!  Especially for minority citizens.  What do they contribute to civilization? Nada! Well, unless you count slaughter as a contribution. Personally, I do not.

The three administration officials who gave the briefing repeatedly stressed the impact of economics in Egypt and Tunisia, but did not mention the widespread calls for rule by Islamic parties, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. “The political movements for non-violent change are rooted, in part, in a lack of [economic] opportunity in the region,” said one official

I call bullsh*t! Their cult is what keeps them from developing, not the lack of money. Forking over billions of dollars will not change that one bit.

The officials also tiptoed past the local tribal cultures, which endorse bribery by setting loyalty to extended family networks above a requirement to obey the larger community’s laws. Financial aid, said one official, will be tied to “very strong safeguards against corruption.”

Once again, I call BULLSH*T! Aid will just create MORE corruption and oppression. I’m no Middle East expert, but even I can see how foolish it is to believe that any amount of money is going to change a culture so steeped in corruption and hatred. It is getting more and more difficult to figure out if this administration is totally naive, or completely evil.  His concern for other countries economic development, while pursuing and implementing policies that is destroy ours is…..well, I suppose one could consider it a betrayal? Treasonous might work too.

Glenn Beck 05/18/11

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