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Saturday Afternoon – Stretched Out – Laundry Time

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Pork Chop? Fire Ax?

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Dangerous Men

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Shackled By The Politically Correct

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It’s that time of year, when kids are being sprung from schools! Many are going on to the next phase in their lives, whether on to college, or out into the REAL world, hopefully to get a job (good luck with that) and perhaps marry and begin a family. I congratulate them all for getting through the bastions of liberalism, and pray that reality will snap them out of the stupor they’ve put in for the last 12 or 16+ years. We once had a great educational system, but that’s been pretty much taken care of.

While reading through a few things this morning, I happened to come across a story about a particular graduating class. The college is located within the borders of the United States, where the language of the land is English. For a couple of centuries now, people have been coming here, speaking a variety of languages. In order to succeed, they learned the language of their new home, and a great many prospered over the years, creating businesses their children were able to take over. Not necessarily big businesses, but small family businesses, that provided jobs for the communities. You know what I’m talking about, right?

So, when I read this story, I was extremely disturbed. Why? Because it tells me we are no longer the “land of opportunity”, where millions have come to start a new life. No, we are now the land of division. Divided by languages, and cultures. Why would a U.S. college conduct their graduation services in a foreign language?  ANY foreign language?

Is this the dream so many fought and died for, that we honor on this Memorial Day weekend?  I don’t think that’s what my dad and uncles had in mind.  Where once we were a melting pot, joining together with a common language, and common goals, we have become a country driven by agendas and division, that will not survive.  This college, and many like it, are doing no favors to the graduates.  Public schools teaching in a foreign language are not aiding in the success of their students.  They are shackling them.

It makes me quite sad to know that the country I grew up in no longer exists.  I feel sorrow that my grandchildren will never know just how strong and proud this nation once was, joined together by the hopes and dreams of so many.

Glenn Beck 05/27/11

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