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Choo Choo

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What is this obsession the left has with trains?

We aren’t Europe. We aren’t China. We are extremely independent people and don’t much care for anyone telling us where we can go, and when.


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Brilliant Idea!

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America Suffers….Obama Celebrates

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Unemployment Goes Up, Obama Declares Victory
The Foundry

Unemployment in the United States increased again last month to 9.1 percent, with the Obama economy adding only 54,000 jobs—the fewest in eight months. Today’s terrible jobs report is much worse than expected. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires had grimly predicted 160,000 new jobs and an unemployment rate of 8.9 percent earlier this week.

But despite the dismal news that 13.9 million Americans remain unemployed, President Barack Obama is holding a victory party today at a Chrysler plant in Toledo, Ohio, trumpeting the only jobs he can manage to create—those bought and paid for directly by the U.S. taxpayer.

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Chris Matthews: Not Since Abraham Lincoln Has Someone ‘Caused’ Strife Like Sarah Palin

According to Chris Matthews, Sarah Palin is the most divisive figure since Abraham Lincoln “caused” the Civil War. In an odd historical analogy, the Hardball host marveled at Palin’s bus tour: “Leading off tonight, civil war on the right. Not since the election of Abraham Lincoln has a Republican caused such a war.”

Dear Lord in heaven! Someone wrap that dude up in a straight jacket before he hurts himself! Seriously? The insanity continues to grow in the left stream media, and Tingles is in the lead!  Liberalism really IS a mental disorder.  Don’t they have a pill for that?

Obama = FAIL

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Employers Add Just 54,000 Jobs in May, Unemployment Rate Rises to 9.1 Percent

Employers hired only 54,000 new workers in May, the fewest in eight months, and the unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent.

The Labor Department report offered startling evidence that the U.S. economy is slowing, hampered by high gas prices and natural disasters in Japan that have hurt U.S. manufacturers.

The pace of hiring has weakened dramatically from the previous three months, when the economy added an average of 220,000 new jobs. Private companies hired only 83,000 new workers in May — the fewest in nearly a year.

Stock futures plunged after the report was released.

What more can be said? The administration has done everything it can to insure that the economy won’t recover.

U.S. Constitution – R.I.P.

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Obamacare’s unlimited power
Washington Times

The White House defense of Obamacare hinges on the claim that Congress essentially has unlimited power to force Americans to spend their personal money on a cause of the government’s choosing. Oral arguments before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday made this all the more clear.

Administration lawyers argued that uninsured individuals can be compelled to buy health care coverage under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. If that’s so, what else could Congress compel people to do? As Judge James L. Graham asked acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, “Where ultimately is the limit on congressional power?” The question sounds rhetorical but is not.

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The erosion of the U.S. Constitution began long before Obama was a gleam in his daddy’s eye.  This administration has taken it to a whole new level.  We talk about our liberties, but we don’t have any.  They’ve succeeded in taking them away, one by one, over the years, and now we are on a much more perilous path that we ever thought possible.


Glenn Beck 06/02/11

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