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Sacks of Human Waste Reveal Secrets of Ancient Rome

You might turn your nose up at sifting through hundreds of sacks of human excrement, but researchers are doing just that in Italy—and happily.

The unprecedented deposit is said to be yielding new insights into everyday life in the ancient Roman Empire.

Admittedly, at 2,000 years old, the feces “isn’t remotely unpleasant,” Roman historian Andrew Wallace-Hadrill said. “There’s absolutely no scent. It’s exactly like earth compost.”

Ten tons of the stuff has been excavated from a cesspit beneath the ancient town of Herculaneum, near Naples.

Flushed down sewers from apartment blocks and shops, the deposit—the largest collection of ancient Roman garbage and human waste ever found, researchers say—dates to about A.D. 79. That year a catastrophic volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius buried Herculaneum, along with its more famous neighbor, Pompeii.

Lost jewelry, coins, and semiprecious stones from a gem shop have been found, along with discarded household items such as broken lamps and pottery, according to Wallace-Hadrill, director of the Herculaneum Conservation Project, a Packard Humanities Institute initiative.

While I’m sure there is a load of ….umm…. interesting information to be be sifted through, and history has always been a big interest of mine, I don’t think this is one of those jobs I’d find particularly….enjoyable?  The thought of going through 2000 year old poop just doesn’t quite do it for me.   Interesting reading though.  :D


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Well, honestly, I am!  Heh.  Being in Chicago, where corruption is the norm, I’m seriously surprised they could find a jury that would find a Democrat guilty of anything.  Ok….seriously….couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.  Now.  When are they going to go after the rest of the feckless weasels!?!?  Are they going to stop running that stupid pistachio commercial now?

Clueless In D.C.

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Obama Will ‘Co-Invest’ Tax Dollars in Corporate-Government Partnership

In his weekly address released Saturday, President Barack Obama called for a campaign of “nation building here at home,” citing as an example of what is needed to rebuild the American economy an initiative he announed Friday to “invest” tax dollars in what he called a “partnership” between the federal government and an initial group of 11 major corporations.

Say whut?

Obama is not seeking new legislation from Congress to authorize his government-corporate partnership program–which he is calling the “Advanced Manufacturing Partnership”–and he did not say how the corporations in the partnership had been chosen.

First question: When was the President of the United States given the authority to take taxpayer money and use it in any manner he decides, without authority of Congress? Did I miss something? Second question: How much did those particular companies donate to his campaign? I mean, after all, it seems that only companies, or particular people have a large financial stake in the Obama administration, get the deals, right?

“Even though we’ve turned our economy in the right direction over the past couple of years, many Americans are still hurting, and now is the time to focus on nation building here at home,” Obama said before explaining the partnership in his Saturday address.

Well, he and his flunkies can keep saying the economy has ‘turned in the right direction’ all they want, but the reality is something quite different. Perhaps if he and his buddies would stop getting in the way, we would have a chance to turn it around. But no. There are some people who just can’t help themselves, no matter how WRONG they are. They must tinker, even though said tinkering does the exact opposite of what they claim. TARP? Porkulus? Cash for clunkers? None of those did was they was claimed the would do.  Already, ObamaCare has had a negative effect on the economy.

“Throughout our history, our greatest breakthroughs have often come from partnerships just like this one,” said Obama. “American innovation has always been sparked by individual scientists and entrepreneurs, often at universities like Carnegie Mellon or Georgia Tech or Berkeley or Stanford. But a lot of companies don’t invest in early ideas because it won’t pay off right away. And that’s where government can step in. “

Exactly what has the government ever created? Besides problems? Oh, they can spend money real well, but they don’t make any. No, We, The People do that, and they take it, and waste it on programs that don’t work. Wait, I take that back. There is one thing the government has created….. MORE POVERTY! They’re good at that!

“Starting this summer, the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, Agriculture, Commerce and other agencies will coordinate a government-wide effort to leverage their existing funds and future budgets, with an initial goal of $300 million, to co-invest with industry in innovative technologies that will jumpstart domestic manufacturing capability essential to our national security and promote the long-term economic viability of critical U.S. industries,” said the White House statement. “Initial investments include small high-powered batteries, advanced composites, metal fabrication, bio-manufacturing, and alternative energy, among others.”

Oh hell.  Make him STOP!  NOW!

Bachmann Formally Announces Candidacy For POTUS

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Bachmann: Nation ‘Can’t Afford’ 4 More Years of Obama

According to prepared remarks, Bachmann labels herself a “constitutional conservative” who believes in limited government. “Washington is the problem, and the real solutions will come from our businesses, our communities, our schools and the most basic and powerful unit of all-our families,” she plans to say.

Bachmann also attacks Obama on several fronts.

“We cannot continue to rack up debt on the backs of future generations. We can’t afford an unconstitutional health plan that costs too much and is worth so little. And we can’t afford four more years of failed leadership at home and abroad,” she said, according to remarks. “We can’t afford four more years of millions of Americans out of work or in jobs that pay too little to support their families. We can’t afford four more years of a housing crisis that is devaluing our homes and making home ownership impossible for many Americans. We can’t afford four more years of a foreign policy that leads from behind and doesn’t stand up for our friends and stand up to our enemies.”

Still, Bachmann said in an interview with The Associated Press that her bid to unseat Obama is not “personal.”

While her candidacy to unseat Obama might not be ‘personal’ to her, the damage Obama has done to this country IS very personal to me.

War By Poll

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President Obama Plays Politics in Afghanistan
The Foundry

The nation’s two highest-ranking military commanders have gone on record raising serious concerns about President Obama’s flawed plan to bring 33,000 troops home from Afghanistan by September 2012. The outgoing Commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, said during Senate hearings last week that the troop withdrawal was “a more aggressive formulation…than what we had recommended.”

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen echoed Petraeus when he noted the danger in moving U.S. troops out of Afghanistan too quickly, saying it will “incur more risk than I was originally prepared to accept.”

While the President is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, heeding wise counsel from his most senior military commanders is part of fulfilling that role. The President is under political pressure from his liberal base to withdraw troops and wind down the Afghan war as next year’s election inches closer. His announcement last week reveals he is basing the Afghan troop decision more on the domestic political calendar than the goal of achieving U.S. objectives there.

Read on…


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The ignorance of some people (Democrats), is just mind boggling!

That Is So Cool!

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F-22 Raptor on The Flightline TV Show from Mike Francis on Vimeo.

H/T: Jerry