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Try Reality For A Change

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Morgan Freeman reads from the wrong script
by Ted Nugent

The ugliest form of racism is accusing others of racism when there is none. Throwing around the terms “racist” and “racism” has been a tactic of the left for decades. Surely we can all agree that Martin Luther King Jr. would not endorse such an ugly tactic, as he wanted us to judge each other on the content of our character rather than our skin color.

While falsely accusing others of racism for years, the left has ratcheted up its vitriolic and false claims now that President Obama is in office.

The actor Morgan Freeman, who obviously leans way to the left, is the most recent, egregious example of someone willing to claim racism where there is none.

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It is really sad that such people as Morgan Freeman, while an excellent actor, is so ignorant of the real world.  I guess those who live in a fantasy land for a living have a very difficult time dealing with the real world.


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At some point today, both Ramblings and silent E vanished from the internet!  Why?  Well, a really dumb reason, but I tell ya, I thought Obama had already started his dirty work of eliminating the opposition!  Why he’d start with us, I have no idea, but still….  But, as you can see, I am back, and so is E.  All is well.  At least for now.  :D

Ann on Non Issue of Non “Booing”

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Does Rick Perry Have a Performance Problem
by Ann Coulter

Liberals, whose entire political strategy is the smoke and mirrors of showbiz, have concluded that Rick Perry? put in a poor performance at last week’s Republican debate and has got to step up his debating technique to get back in the game.

Actually, it wasn’t Perry’s “performance” that was a problem. It was his “answers.”

No fancy wordsmithery is going to get Perry out of supporting in-state tuition for illegal aliens. (Although I did think it was nice that he gave his answer in Spanish.)

We are not Democrats.

We already had a Republican president and both political parties try to foist amnesty on us. The country erupted in rage, forced Congress to withdraw Bush’s “comprehensive immigration reform” and rewarded Bush with a humiliating defeat in the 2006 midterm elections.

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Rosh Hashanah

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May your New Year be filled with health,
Happiness, and many sweet memories!

Dear Twitter

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Why are you sending me notices of such and such is now following you, when such and such is not?  Why are you choosing for me?  I don’t much care for that.  It’s rather embarrassing to get a DM stating ‘how funny…i was just getting ready to follow you” after ‘following someone back, who evidently, was NOT actually following me in the first place.

Have you become like the federal government, and are deciding who I will, or will not follow?  Do you now think you know what is best for me? Are you also “unfollowing” for me too?

I’d really appreciate it if you would stop doing that.


Ol’ Broad

Pakistan is NOT Our Ally!

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Time for Action on Pakistan
The Foundry

The Obama Administration is quickly trying to contain the damage in another potential foreign policy debacle, this time with nuclear-armed Pakistan. Last week, Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, dropped a bombshell that rocked U.S.-Pakistani relations.

In testimony before Congress, Mullen declared that the military intelligence service of this supposed U.S. partner is directing the Haqqani network, a militant group responsible for attacks on Americans, including the 20-hour assault on the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, that left 27 dead.

The revelation causes immediate concern for the United States, and The Heritage Foundation believes it must result in punitive policy toward Pakistan if Islamabad continues its pattern of defiance. Yet Administration officials, quoted anonymously in a front-page Washington Post story this morning, hit out at the messenger, Admiral Mullen. One told the paper that Admiral Mullen “overstates the case.” This Pentagon official admitted that, yes, the Pakistanis have been “guiding Haqqani and using them for their purposes,” but somehow this does not involve killing Americans.

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Educated Americans

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A Card For All Occasions

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Hallmark introduces layoff greeting cards

One popular greeting card maker is taking a cue from the unemployment rate.

Hallmark is now offering condolence cards made especially for someone who just lost their job.

Hallmark’s creative director told National Public Radio the cards had actually been requested by customers who say they had a hard time connecting with recently unemployed loved ones.

One slogan reads “don’t think of it as losing your job, think of it as time between stupid bosses.”

While I find this idea rather ingenious, I also find it extremely disturbing that such a thing is even needed. Thank you MR Obama for destroying the lives of millions of Americans.