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Don’t Be A Victim

4 October 2011, 9:18 pm. Comments Off. Filed under 2nd Amendment, Crime, Tennessee.

Tennessee gun crime rate is among highest

The high rate is difficult to explain. Officials at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation declined to comment, saying they didn’t collect that data and couldn’t comment on analysis the agency hadn’t performed.

Academia doesn’t offer much help, either.

“You would almost have to go in and look at every individual crime report across the nation,” said Don Green, executive director of the University of Tennessee’s Law Enforcement Innovation Center.

But Green offered three possibilities for the high rate: better police reporting, a large number of gang and drug-related crimes, or perhaps Tennessee’s high rate of gun ownership.

I’ve no doubt I’ll be accused of being racist.

I don’t know how much goes on Nashville, but we get the news out a Memphis, and I can tell you, 9 out of 10 shootings they show on the news, the accused is rarely white.  And there is at least one shooting on the news nightly.  Memphis is a totally Democrat run city.  From little I know, it seems that Nashville is pretty much run by the Dems as well.  Just sayin’.

The majority of legal gun owners are extremely responsible.  We are less likely to attempt robberies, or assault strangers on the street for wearing the wrong color shirt.  Anyone who tries to relate gun violence with legal gun owners are looking in the wrong direction.  Gangs have become a major problem in the larger cities in our state.  Drugs as well, especially meth, are a state wide problem.  Combine gangs, drugs, and guns, you are going to find a serious upswing in violence.  The statistics don’t seem to include how many of those involved in gun violence are legally qualified to buy and carry a gun.

Perhaps if our courts would use the death penalty more often, criminals would think twice about committing crime.  Many times we hear about juveniles being used to do the dirty work because juveniles will get sentences a few years, and then they’re out.  If a kid murders another human being, they should be sentenced the same as an adult.

Too many citizens have decided to be victims.  It’s a conscious choice.  Perhaps more legal, law abiding citizens should make the choice to NOT be a victim.  If folks in certain high crime neighborhoods would join together, they could make the streets safer for their children.  Instead, many have been so cowed by the gangs, they’re afraid to stand up. We should all remember, there are more of us than there are of them. Together we could make a big difference, and watch the crime stats decrease.

Update From Marsha

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As you know, I have always been a staunch advocate for implementing fiscally responsible policies that will bring some sanity back to Washington and rein in the wasteful spending.  Since coming to Congress, I have championed efforts such as my legislation to cut spending across-the-board by 1, 2, and 5 percent.

Just over a week ago, I introduced H.R. 3043, a bill to freeze spending for two years, for an additional savings of $27 billion.  My bill simply caps spending for Fiscal Years 2013 and 2014 at the same spending cap level for Fiscal Year 2012 under the Budget Control Act.  We estimate that this would save $4 billion in Fiscal Year 2013 and $23 billion in Fiscal Year 2014.

House Republicans have taken significant steps this year to put in place caps on Washington’s spending binge.  My bill builds on the progress we have made this year, puts more controls on spending, and would help alleviate the debt burden currently weighing down our economy.

Working class families around the country are continuing to tighten their belts, and they expect Washington to do the same. The spending caps that we have put in place are a great starting point, but more must be done to regain the trust of the American people.

My freeze bill will hold Washington bureaucrats more accountable for the decisions they make with the taxpayers’ hard earned money.  It is a common sense proposal that will allow us to cap and cut future spending, and take away the President’s blank check.

So far the freeze bill has 13 original co-sponsors, including Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, and former Chairman of the Republican Conference, Mike Pence.

My legislation has also received support from groups like Citizens Against Government Waste, who delivered a letter to members of Congress on Monday, as well as Citizens United President David Bossie who penned this op-ed: A Commonsense Plan in a World Gone Soft

My Best,

10 Things You Need To Know About Islamic Shariah

4 October 2011, 11:33 am. Comments Off. Filed under Religion of Pieces.

1) Jihad is defined in shariah as “warfare to establish the religion [Islam]” and is an bligation for all Muslims for all time until the entire world is subjugated to Islamic law [‘Umdat al-Salik, Section o9.0, pg. 599].

2) All Muslims have a religious duty to strive toward instituting worldwide Shariah law.

3) “Creeping Shariah” is the term used for the slow, methodical, deliberate advance of Islamic law in non-Muslim countries.

4) Official Shariah courts already operate in the UK, handling cases dealing with divorce, domestic violence, and financial disputes. Attempts to introduce Shariah in courts throughout Europe are ongoing. Studies show that Shariah has also been applied or formally recognized in a number of U.S. state court decisions.

5) Shariah commands that drinkers and gamblers be whipped.

6) Shariah commands husbands to beat their wives [Q 4:34].

7) Shariah literally allows for “an eye for an eye,” and commands that a thief must have his hand cut off.

8 ) Any criticism by both Muslims and non-Muslims of Islam, the Qur’an, shariah, Allah, or Muhammad is deemed to be “slander” under Islamic law and can be punishable by death. This is one major reason why “moderate Muslims” do not speak out about Radical Islam.

9) Islamic law prescribes the death penalty for any Muslim who leaves Islam (i.e., the ‘crime’ of apostasy).

10) According to Islamic law, Muslims can deceive non-Muslims if it benefits Islam. The Quran instructs Muslims to lie to non-Muslims about their beliefs and political goals in order to protect and spread Islam. (There are many examples of today’s Islamic leaders saying one thing to Western media and saying another to their own followers.)


“You LIE!”

4 October 2011, 9:44 am. 4 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

Come Clean and Cut Funding
The Foundry

What did the President know and when did he know it, goes the old Washington adage. Thus did the American people learn yesterday in separate but equally startling revelations that the Obama Administration knew more about two scandals than it has been revealing. The first is regarding the Operation Fast and Furious gun running disaster and the second is the now-bankrupt, Obama-backed Solyndra solar power company. Both instances provoke serious questions for the White House and demand long-overdue action.

In the case of the Solyndra scandal, it is clear that Congress must shut off funding for the President’s green energy programs. Not only is President Obama unapologetic about the wasted funds, but his Energy Department seems intent on doubling down with other solar bets–and with the American people’s money.

In the case of Fast and Furious, Department of Justice (DOJ) memos obtained by CBS News show that Attorney General Eric Holder was aware of a controversial cross-border law enforcement operation in July 2010 — nearly a year earlier than he had previously acknowledged under oath in testimony to Congress. The program, which was overseen by the DOJ, launched an effort to sell weapons to small-time gun buyers in the hopes of tracing them to major weapons traffickers along the southwestern border and into Mexico. Of the 2,000 weapons sold, roughly 1,500 remain unaccounted for, and the weapons have been connected to at least 11 violent crimes in the United States, including the killing of a border patrol agent.

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