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Andrew Klavan’s Very Serious Commentary

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Ann on The HUGE Difference

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This Is What a Mob Looks Like
by Ann Coulter

I am not the first to note the vast differences between the Wall Street protesters and the tea partiers. To name three: The tea partiers have jobs, showers and a point.

No one knows what the Wall Street protesters want — as is typical of mobs. They say they want Obama re-elected, but claim to hate “Wall Street.” You know, the same Wall Street that gave its largest campaign donation in history to Obama, who, in turn, bailed out the banks and made Goldman Sachs the fourth branch of government.

This would be like opposing fattening, processed foods, but cheering Michael Moore — which the protesters also did this week.

But to me, the most striking difference between the tea partiers and the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd — besides the smell of patchouli — is how liberal protesters must claim their every gathering is historic and heroic.

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Thank you!

ACLU Intrusion….Again

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ACLU involved with East TN students’ fight to start gay-straight alliance

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is officially involved with some East Tennessee teenagers who want to start a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). The ACLU sent a letter to Monroe County Schools on Tuesday demanding that they let students wear clothing in “peaceful demonstration” for the GSA by October 11, 2011.

“If we don’t get a satisfactory response from the school district by Tuesday, October 11th, we fully anticipate reviewing all of our legal options, including filing for a temporary restraining order in Federal court,” explained Legal Representative for the ACLU in Tennessee, Tricia Hertzfeld.

Ya know, I’m really getting tired of this commie bunch butting their nose into every little thing that is none of their business to begin with!  Who are these weasels to ‘demand’ anything of anyone?

The precursor to the ACLU began with the anti-militarism movement during World War I.
Many of those in the anti-war movement were Marxists, anarchists and immigrants, which didn’t help the cause.  (source)

Yup….started by a bunch of commies. Granted, they have done a few positives things in their long history, but we mostly hear about their interference in schools, and the religious communities, not to mention aiding and abetting perverts!

One positive case, which I’m quite sure the current crop of white Democrats would prefer black Americans, who have been brain washed to vote Dem, would rather not know:

In the 1944 case of Smith v. Allwright, the ACLU argued that a Democratic Party’s “white primary” was illegal because it denied blacks a chance to participate in the democratic process. Previously, courts had declared political parties to be private organizations that were not subject to anti-discrimination laws. However, the Supreme Court declared that participation in a political primary was too crucial to the running of a democracy and the civic participation of citizens to allow certain classes to be excluded [ref]. This ruling also strengthened the federal government’s power over state governments.

However positive some of their cases have been, there are as many, if not more, that undermine parents, schools, and churches.  We should be able to decide what goes on in our local government run public schools.  After all, we ARE the ones who are paying for them, not this organization that can be considered a communist group.

Put This Way…Yep, America IS “Soft”

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I can add nothing to this column by Dr. Michael Youssef, except I was born in Dallas, Texas, not Africa.

When Americans elect a president without doing the hard work of examining his background, beliefs, or ideologies:

 America is soft

When Americans elect someone who has no respect for human life and who considers the issue of abortion “above [his] pay grade”:

 America is soft

 When Americans elect a president who tells them in black and white that he will radically transform America, but they never ask what direction the transformation will take:

America is soft

 When Americans elect a president who for 20 years sat under the preaching of an anti-American pastor and thinks that none of that will rub off on him:

 America is soft

 When Americans vote for a president who, when he held elected office, voted “present” time and time again, determining not to take a stand on so many issues lest he offend one of the special interest groups:

 America is soft

 When Americans elect a president who has friends with checkered histories, to say the least:

 America is soft

 When Americans elect a president whose wife, the recipient of so many of America’s blessings, declared that she was ashamed of America:

 America is soft

 As an American who was born in Africa, I am deeply grateful to be in America. I thank God continuously for allowing me to be in this great and blessed land. This is a land and a republic for which many faithful men and women have bled and died to secure the liberty and blessing that I now enjoy.

Far from being soft, I paid for my own education, and I paid for my children’s educations. I taught them to love and respect the Founding Fathers and the founding principles of this great nation.

Far from being soft, I respect the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the biblical foundation on which this country was built.

Hard work, personal responsibility, love for God, not envying those who are more blessed than I am – these are the strong building blocks of America’s foundation.

Maybe Obama’s “America is soft” comment will wake Americans up to their sterling heritage and solid foundation so that next time around they will elect government officials and leaders who share their respect for that blessed heritage.

Ol’ Broad & Dr Dimples

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Welp, I went to see the doc this morning. I actually got some answers. Whoo hoo! I’m not crazy about the answers, now at least now I know.

Evidently, through the many years that my knee was deteriorating, my bones and muscles were totally out of alignment. Now that I have this new fangled gadget stuck between the leg and thigh bones, my muscles and the bone are trying to realign to where they are suppose to be. Hence…. the excruciating pain! Oh yay me! sigh….

He did reassure me that over time, the pain WILL decrease, but probably not until after winter. *shakes head* Not only am I getting old, I’m falling apart, and turning into a bloomin’ barometer. Who’s bright idea was that? Pfft!

Since Friday was the last day of my outpatient physical therapy, I’m suppose to keep up the exercises on my own, preferably with a bike, stationary or not. Well, I don’t have either. He did tell me one of those home gyms thingys would be a lot of help too. Great! Where do I get one….CHEAP?

Oh, not to worry, I’ll figure it all out eventually. I just hope I don’t lose a lot ROM in the meantime. And ya know, the way he made it sound, I might have to get the Mr to start digging that hole now! UGH! At least he did give some muscle relaxers for that particular ailment. They BETTER work!

Oh yeah…. one piece of good news! I had a whole 2 minutes morning, totally pain free! First time in, like, forever! It’s a start. :D

O/T:  I noticed when driving over to Selmer that the cotton was all sprouted, white bolls all over the place. That Gershwin song, Summertime, popped into my head. I got to thinkin’. Cotton doesn’t get high during the summer. It’s not ready for picking until the fall, so how come the song says that? Totally irrelevant.  Just wondering. 8)

The Fighting Candidate

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Government (Union) Run = Failure

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Is the Postal Service Doomed?
The Foundry

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat is supposed to stop the United States Postal Service (USPS) from delivering mail, but can it be saved from mounting debt, plummeting volume, and the not-so-slow-motion postal train wreck coming quickly down the road?

Last week, the USPS barely avoided default when Congress extended the due date for a $5.5 billion payment due to the U.S. Treasury for retiree health benefits. It lost $8.5 billion last year, and it expects to lose nearly $10 billion more in 2011. From 2006 to 2010, overall USPS mail volume dropped by 20 percent, from 213 billion pieces of mail to 170 billion, all while incurring $20 billion in losses.

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