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Spoiled “Gimmee” Tiddy Babies

7 October 2011, 3:18 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion.

I have pretty much ignored those spoiled children who believe they are a ‘voice’ for every day Americans. But sometimes, ya just gotta say something.

I remember the 60s all too well. I guess these children are following in those ‘radicals’ footsteps? When will the buildings start blowing up by homemade bombs? From what I can gather, the kids are just dirty, messy, and totally clueless.  It’s quite apparent, they have no idea how the economy works!

The American Dream has been stolen from the world. Workers are told that they aren’t allowed health care, shelter, food. Students are told that they aren’t allowed jobs, and that they will be in debt for the rest of their lives, unable to declare bankruptcy. The 1% has destroyed this nation and its values through their greed. The 1% has stolen this world. We will not allow this to occur.

Seriously? LMAO  The 1% has stolen their dream of utopia?  Hey….kids…. if you are serious, I can name a few countries that would just love to have y’all come on over and live in their ‘workers paradise’.  China comes to mind, as does Cuba.  Then, there is Venezuela, headed by Hollyweird’s hero, Hugo Chavez.

It’s that top tier earners who are the ones who creates the jobs.  If these CEOs are taxed heavily, as these punks are demanding, then there will be fewer jobs.  They want government to take care of them.  Well, who is the government?  Is it those elected officials that sit up there in D.C. in their cushy offices, making decisions that affect our day to day lives?  Partially  And they have done a pretty lousy job of it.  Why are they not protesting in front of the Capital?  That is where the real damage has been done.  They are the ones who have stolen those sad little protesters ‘dream’.

However, in the long run, WE are the government.  It is our money that funds all those useless programs the politicians keep thrusting down our throats, whether we want them or not.  And WE don’t want to support you worthless blood suckers.  WE want y’all to succeed on your own merits.  I really don’t think that’s too much to ask, is it?

Take a listen to this rocket scientist!  I have no idea who the interviewer is, or what organization she represents, but apparently, she too, has problems with reality.  Gushing over stupidity is pretty pathetic.

I seriously doubt the girl has one iota of what she is advocating. Socialism and communism kills! Labor unions might think they are under attack, but for the past 40 years, it’s the labor unions who have been doing the attacking. They are a large part of the problem. More and more demands from them have run businesses out of the country. They have bankrupted cities, counties and states with their ever increasing ‘you owe me’ mentality.

The Tea Party, which really began as a grass roots movements, has been much maligned by both elected politicians, and the lame stream media. Oddly, both are now praising a bunch of malcontent, basement dwellers, and union thugs, backed by such organizations as SEIU and TWA.  While the Tea Parties are not financed by anyone, except those involved, this bunch has many powerful ‘friends’ footing the bill.  Likely numerous George Soros financed organizations have aided and abetted this joke of a ‘protest’.   No one pays Tea Partiers to attend rallies.  We all pay our own way.  Organizations like Tea Party Express are funded by donations, some big and many small.

The left’s hero, Barack Hussein Obama, has raked in millions from Wall Street fat cats, yet these kids are protesting the very ones who helped put their messiah in office?  I’m very confused.  Some of their ‘demands‘ are also confusing.  Not because I don’t understand what they are saying, but because it is so obvious they have no idea how the real world works.  Yes, actually, you DO look like imbeciles.

Here’s a clue….  Learn a needed skill, and you’ll find a job.  Once you have that job, start saving your money for emergencies and your own retirement.  Pay your bills, become a productive part of society, and learn that when you vote for closet socialists, aka Democrats, your dream will likely never be achieved.

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