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Saturday Afternoon – Stand With Gibson – Laundry Time

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Butt Out!

Atheists Demand City Remove Cross in Tennessee
By Todd Starnes

The mayor of Whiteville, Tenn. said his community is under attack from a national atheist organization that is threatening to sue unless they remove a cross atop the town’s water tower.

“They are terrorists as far as I’m concerned,” said Mayor James Bellar about the Freedom From Religion Foundation. “They are alleging that some Whiteville resident feels very, very intimidated by this cross.”

The mayor told Fox News Radio that the cross was erected on the town’s water tower about eight years ago by a private group of citizens. They collected private donations to cover the costs.
It’s just a cross on the water tower,” he said. “All we’re doing is exercising our right to practice our beliefs down here but this organization is now going to stymie that. We’re not out here knocking on doors trying to convert people.”

But the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation said the cross is a violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They’ve given the mayor until the end of October to remove the cross. If he refuses, they have threatened to sue.

“The law is very clear on this,” Freedom From Religion Foundation co-president Dan Barker told Fox News Radio. “A secular city may not promote or hinder religion. We don’t have a problem with believers putting up crosses wherever they want, but this is a cross put up by the city on the city water tower.”

What law would that be? A group of private citizens put a cross on a water tower that they pay for through their own tax money. How is that breaking any law? And who says the city is secular? One thing I’ve learned since moving to Tennessee, there are few cities or towns that could be called secular. Oh sure, there might be a few folks who are idiots like the ‘Freedom from Religion’ bunch, but they are few and far between.

Us folks down here in the South would much appreciate it if you Yankees would keep your godless noses out of our business.  Y’all might want to look towards your own salvation, and stop messing in other peoples lives.  We know Who is in charge, and it ain’t you!

Hope & Change Liberals Protest Obama….

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So Why Aren’t They Called Racists Like the Tea Party?