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One Fourth?

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San Francisco Restaurants Want To Make 25% Standard Tip Rate

It’s a question many of us ask when we go out to a restaurant. “How much should I tip?” Whether your service is good or bad, San Francisco Restaurant workers want to implement a 25% standard tip onto your bill for you. Is this fair?

Many in the food industry say “…yes, it’s about time.” However, many “foodies” are not as happy with the idea. According to an article in the San Jose Mercury News, for the most part, people, on average tip between 15% – 20% and the restaurant worker actually has to claim 15% of that to the IRS.

Opinions that sway against the increase said that “…the whole purpose of a tip is to reward service.” They feel the new tip increase should be earned and if more is needed, then they must step up their service so that the increase justifies a larger tip amount.

If San Fransisco restaurants want their workers to earn more money, they can pay them more.  Asking your clientele to pay 25% of their bill for someone doing their job is a bit ridiculous.  To be honest, there are few in the service industry that actually EARNS the minimum tip these days.

We use to eat out quite a bit.  We’ve had good service, which was amply rewarded, and we’ve had some wait people who should have been out digging ditches instead of waiting on tables, and were also rewarded with exactly what they earned with their service…..ZILCH!  Ok, not exactly true.  We would usually leave a dime or two.  Hey…why should we reward really bad service monetarily?  No one should have to!

Customer service in most every industry isn’t what it use to be.  Most seem to act like they are doing you a favor by even acknowledging your presence.  At one time, customer service was really service.  I miss those days.

I’m one of those people who actually will tip housekeeping at a motel for good service.  That doesn’t seem to be the norm anymore though.  That’s ok.  I’ll still do it.

Most people will actually leave a larger than required tip for staff that smiles, is helpful, answers questions patiently, and lets the customer feel appreciated.  Unless the waitstaff can do that, then I see no point in leaving more than a 5 or 10% tip…..if that much.  Train your staff!  If they do their job well, you reward them with a bonus.  If they lose customers for you, can their hides.  It’s that simple.

It’s Official!

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I’m actually old.  sigh…  Well, not that old, but I should be, shouldn’t I.  I mean, after all, I’m going to be a GREAT grandmother!  UGH!  Yep…the eldest granddaughter is preggers, due 8 March, or there abouts.  Yesterday, we found out it’s a boy.  So, what did I do today while wandering through Wal Mart, looking for something else?  Yep…you got it!  Walked straight into the baby department.  sigh…  The one thing that totally bugs me is that if you are looking for girl stuff, there is a TON.  Little boys?  Pfft!  Very little.  However…. I did manage to find a couple of things that just couldn’t be passed up!

Now you know there has to be camo in this kid’s future, right?  Heh. Hey, at least I’m going to wait a while before he gets his first gun, ok? 

It would probably be wise if I stay out of the baby department for a while.  :?

Sigh….  Seriously….I’m not old enough for this!

I Don’t Think So!

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Hey, Tea Partiers, Go Join Occupy Wall Street

What’s the hold-up? Tea Party supporters should add their passionate voices to the growing protests on Wall Street.

Get down there immediately! A movement is being born! Why should the granola crowd get all the credit and have all the fun?

Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party: It’s a grass-roots coalition that is just begging to be made. It’s the also perfect opportunity to fulfill the second half of the Tea Party credo, addressing the excesses of Big Business along with those Big Government.

Most Tea Partiers understand. Government almost never acts alone. There’s an unholy alliance between those two bloated institutions that is responsible for many our problems today. As the voices of citizens are finally being raised effectively, neither institution deserves a free pass.

Over and over again, we’ve seen how intertwined Washington and Wall Street have become, each serving the other, each protecting its own. It make no sense to rail against TARP and the Wall Street bailouts without also targeting the big banks and others who soaked up all those millions in taxpayer funds.

Read the rest here.

No, this is NOT a grass roots movement.  This is a well organized action planned by socialists, communists, and your ever popular union thugs.  While there are some issues in common, the majority of those stinking up Wall Street, have no clue why they are even there.  The majority of Tea Partiers actually work and pay their bills.  They can’t just pick up and go off to camp out in New York, or any where else.  They are called responsible adults.

On the other hand, you have people who evidently don’t much care about their responsibilities.  If they have jobs, they just left them.  If they are students, obviously, their education doesn’t mean much to them.  Well, truth be told, those so called institutions of higher learning are pretty useless when it comes right down to it anyway.  Reality doesn’t enter into those classrooms.  Just more brain washing for the “progressive agenda”, aka socialism.  And they want that useless education for free?  Nothing is free boys and girls.  Someone always has to pay.

Tea Partiers want the government to shrink back to it’s Constitutional roots, and leave them in peace to live their lives as they see fit.  The OWS seems to want MORE government.  Many I have seen interviewed gave the impression they thought the government should take care of every aspect of their lives.

Yep….there are HUGE differences.  So, no, Tea Partiers should not join those on Wall Street, and other cities around the country.

Homeschool Heroes

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No Grasp Of Reality

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Jobs Plan Fails, but Obama Doesn’t Get the Message
The Foundry

When President Barack Obama began his Midwest “jobs tour” in August, he set out to campaign for the passage of a yet-to-be-released plan to turn around the country’s stagnant economy. But after the details of that plan emerged–more stimulus spending and higher taxes–and when the Democrat-controlled Senate put the measure up for a vote this week, the President’s plan was defeated. Even members of the President’s own party opposed more taxing and spending as a way of pulling America out of its unemployment ditch.

Take Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), for example. The Hill reports that he opposes raising taxes on ordinary income during a time of recession and that the federal government should encourage people to invest in the economy instead of raising their income taxes. In Webb’s own words:

I strongly believe that the way to bring good jobs back is to improve our economy in the private sector, and that means more capital investment. Winston Churchill once said something to the effect that you can’t tax your way out of an economic downturn any more than you can pick up a bucket if you’re standing in it.

Others from the left, too, staked out opposition to the bill. Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) took issue with the new spending the President proposed. “The bottom line here is that I don’t believe the potential in this act for creating jobs justifies adding another $500 billion to our almost $15 trillion national debt.”

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