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Protesting The “Protesters”

11 November 2011, 6:09 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Communism, Crime, Economy, Feckless Weasels, Male Bovine Excrement, Moonbats & Other Animals, Opinion, Socialism.

Small Business Owners Fight Back Against Occupy Wall Street

Small business owners and local residents fed up with the “Occupiers” at Zuccotti Park in New York City are planning a counterprotest and news conference of their own Monday, to make clear the crowd has long overstayed its welcome — and that businesses will not survive if the “occupation” continues.

Flyers are being passed around at small businesses and residential buildings around the park in downtown Manhattan promoting a “Protest against the Occupy Wall St. and Mayor Bloomberg who does nothing to get them to leave.”

I am honestly surprised it has taken this long for them to be fed up with the garbage that has plagued them for so long!

In recent days, shopkeepers, restaurant owners and others with small businesses located near Zuccotti Park have been quietly meeting to share stories of the damage they say has been caused by Occupy Wall Street: theft of property, vandalism, threats, violence and even incidents involving the throwing of fecal matter.

Why is the media silent? They had no problem accusing Tea Partiers of things that never happened, yet gleefully support these pigs. I honestly don’t understand how they can be so blind to the truth. Are they suppose to report the truth?

The flyers were printed out by a 46-year-old unemployed teacher named Leslie who has spearheaded the counterprotest efforts. She asked her last name not be used out of concern the protesters would retaliate against her, and that her involvement in the counterprotest might negatively affect her job search.

“It’s time for them to go,” Leslie said of the Occupiers.

No true member of the Tea Party would ever threaten the safety and well being of others, yet it appears that the OWS threaten on a regular basis. These are the people the President of the United States supports? These are the ones who Nancy Pelosi praises? All we want is a return to our Constitutional founding yet are maligned in the most vicious manner.

“I’ll bring all my people. These protesters—they’re not even protesters, they don’t know anything—they are horrible. They break things, they steal, I have to close my bathrooms and bring customers downstairs [to employee restrooms],” he said.

“You should see what they have done to my gate, what they do every night when we are closed,” he said, referring to vandalism and damage to the exterior of his restaurant.

This is the definition of a mob. They have no direction, no clear goals, other than destruction. Apparently, they are in line with the prince of destruction, the king of evil.

A police officer who was posted at the perimeter of the park for seven days said he would be attending the Monday event out of uniform, “as a protester and fed-up New Yorker.”

God bless that officer! The patience the LEOs have shown has been truly remarkable.

“After speaking with many of them, I realize they are unemployable takers,” he said, asking that his name not be used. “They just want to be able to tell their friends, ‘Hey, I was there.’ There is no leader, no voice. They have money in the bank but can’t agree on using it and no one knows who controls it.

“I’m sick of it. Fed up like everyone else.”

Isn’t it past time the the mayor of New York stand up, and throw the trash out? Or is he too much of a coward to be bothered to do what is right for the city of New York? How many millions of taxpayer funds have been spent trying to deal with the leeches? How many crimes have been committed because the police have been tied up trying to keep the trash from over flowing into other areas of the city?  Perhaps the residents should rethink their vote for mayor next time around since this one doesn’t seem to give a damn about these citizens or their businesses.

I don’t recall anyone getting shot at a Tea Party rally.  I don’t know of anyone who ever defecated on a police car or anywhere else in public.  There were never any drug overdoses, likely because Tea Partiers aren’t druggies.  No Tea Partiers ever harmed or vandalized businesses.

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