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Are We There Yet?

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So Long, Goodbye, Good Ridance!

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Is It 2013 Yet?

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Saturday Afternoon – New Year’s Eve – No Time For Laundry

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Weasel Time

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Sabotage 2012

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What Obama Did On His Christmas Vacation

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Silencing The Truth

30 December 2011, 10:37 am. 4 Comments. Filed under 1st Amendment, Blog Stuff, Opinion, Pond Scum, Religion of Pieces.

UPDATE: Bare Naked Islam is back……sort of, and from Maggie’s Notebook….Bare Naked Islam Reinstated – Bare Naked Islam Support: A Suggestion for Bloggers and Commenters

Anti-Muslim Hate Blog Taken Down by WordPress After Complaints From CAIR

An anti-Muslim hate blog that contained inflammatory comments has been taken down by its hosting company after numerous complaints from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, PR Newswire reports.

Since when do we cave to American hating animals?  Oh yeah…since everything is supposedly offensive to murderous thugs, we must placate their little egos.  Well, actually, they are rather LARGE egos, and have been growing since some fool claimed Islam was a ‘religion of peace’.  Yeah…so peaceful that murdering women and children is a daily occurrence with them! And what has the U.S. policy been concerning these oh so peaceful animals? Why, they’ve opened the door and welcomed them in, to wreak havoc on our entire society. Islam and our Constitution do NOT mix! If you need proof, I have quite an archive under the category “religion of pieces”. There are plenty of visuals to keep you entertained for hours. Make sure you have a barf bag ready though! Many of the pictures are extremely gruesome….brought to you by…..drum roll please….. ISLAM!

They say that most people learned about Islam on 9/11. That might be true for many, but not for me. I have known about it for as long as I can remember. How? Well, if you have been coming around here for a while, you might already know, but I’ll share a bit anyway. You see, my adoptive mother was a first generation American. Her parents immigrated from Lebanon. Yep…that Lebanon, over there in the Middle East. Why were her mother and father sent to the U.S. by their parents, when they were both just teenagers? Because those oh so peaceful Muslims came into their village, and SLAUGHTERED a large number of those living there. Why? Because the village was a CHRISTIAN village. The stories I grew up with makes it possible for me to KNOW these animals are not worth spit! This was long before any ‘uprising’, it was just a regular occurrence in the area. Muslims have been murdering Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., for as long as there has been Islam. That’s what they do! They even murder fellow Muslims if they don’t consider them Muslim enough. To me that translates to if you don’t adhere to the lying, cheating, pedophilia, murdering dictates of Mohammed, then you get to die too. They bow to a god of hatred. Allah is NOT the same God of Christians and Jews!

CAIR, and organizations like it, are dangerous to this country and must be stopped. We have a 1st Amendment and honestly, I think we have been more than tolerant of their hatred. You can’t say the same for them. There is NO tolerance is Islam. NONE! A constant violation of our freedom of speech can be pointed at this particular organization. Their attempts to silence people like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and now Bare Naked Islam, IS a violation of our Constitutional rights, which come from God. Allah ain’t in the picture!

People are justifiably angry. Do we continue to cave to the demands of the evil, or do we stand up and say NO MORE!  I do not advocate violence toward anyone.  Nor have I ever called for the destruction of anything.  I do believe we have to eject those who would destroy us.   The 1st Amendment doesn’t protect someone yelling FIRE in a crowded theater when there is no fire.  Does it protect us from telling the truth about a murderous political cult?  Evidently not.

Basement Dwellers

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Make Him Go Away!

30 December 2011, 8:36 am. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion.

Obama’s approval rating plummets

President Obama enjoyed a surge in popularity this week — but the bounce proved to be remarkably short-lived.

A Gallup tracking poll released Thursday showed that Obama is once again underwater, plummeting to 41 percent approval and 50 percent disapproval, a sharp drop from earlier in the week.

A survey released Monday showed the president had a sudden uptick in the opinion poll, with 47 percent of respondents approving of the way he was handling his job and 45 percent disapproving. It was the first time since July that more people viewed him favorably than unfavorably.

Would someone please tell just who those 41/45% are?  Cuz even the left is ticked at the guy.  There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, he has done to warrant even a 5% approval rating, and that’s being generous!  The man/child is incompetent, lazy, doesn’t care, or is intentionally doing everything within his power, and a lot that isn’t, to destroy what was once a great nation, full of hope for a brighter future.  I don’t believe our best days are behind us, but that is assuming the people of this country will snap out of their stupor, realize just what the hell is going on, and get that man, and all his marxist cronies OUT of Washington D.C.!

Oil, Security, and Incompetent Bureaucrats

War Games, An Energy Crisis, and the Iranian Threat
The Foundry

The Strait of Hormuz lies between Iran and the United Arab Emirates, providing passage for some 15.5 million barrels of crude oil per day, amounting to one third of the world’s seaborne oil shipments. In a word, it is a 34-mile-wide chokepoint, making Iran’s threat this week to shut down the strait all the more serious for the global community.

The Iranian regime’s provocative warnings came on Tuesday from Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi who threatened to close the strait if Iran faces sanctions for its nuclear ambitions. And Wednesday, Iran’s top naval commander Habibollah Sayyari said, ”Closing the Strait of Hormuz for Iran’s armed forces is really easy … or, as Iranians say, it will be easier than drinking a glass of water.”

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Breaking The Law Makes You A Criminal

29 December 2011, 8:59 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Borders, Crime, Illegals.

Latinos Upset With Obama Over Deportations, Still Likely to Vote for Him

The Pew Hispanic Center published a report Wednesday showing that Latinos dislike President Obama’s deportation policies. Obama has roughly doubled the number of deportations of illegal immigrants since taking office. Regardless, Latinos do not see Republican candidates as offering a better alternative and will likely vote for Obama in high numbers again.

Fifty-nine percent said they disapprove of the way Obama is handling deportations, according to the Pew Hispanic Center’s survey of 1,220 Latinos in the United States. Only 27 percent approve, and 13 percent said they do not know or refused to answer the question.

The number of deportations of undocumented immigrants has risen dramatically under Obama. On average, the Obama administration has deported close to 400,000 immigrants each year he has been in office. This is about 30 percent more than the number of deportations during President George W. Bush’s second term and about double the number of deportations during Bush’s first term. This is despite the fact that illegal immigration, and apprehensions of illegal immigrants, is lower than during the Bush administration due to the economic recession.

You mean to tell me that people who came here legally, or have been in this country for generations, of Hispanic origin, are pro-criminal?  If that’s the case, the I’d suggest they just say so.  Because that’s what we’re talking about here…criminals.  They break into our home, demand we feed, clothe, and take care of their medical bill, pay for their education, and this is ok?  I don’t freakin’ think so!

And FYI….they aren’t immigrants…undocumented or otherwise!  They are illegal invaders!  They have broken our laws, and should NOT be rewarded!

Also, considering that Latinos are typically Catholic, explain to me why so many vote for Democrats.  Life is suppose to be precious, yet the Democrats are all for murdering babies.   They are also quite pro family, yet Democrats have spent the last 40+ years doing their darnedest to destroy families.  Latinos are typically very hard working folks, yet the Democrats want everyone to be dependent on the government for sustenance. Seriously, it just doesn’t make a bit of sense! :?

Happy New Normal

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Shoe Crime

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Activists Blame Nike Air Jordans for Rising Crime, Demand It Lower Prices to ‘Meet Customer Demand’

Houston activists and ministers are calling on Nike and Michael Jordan to change the way they sell the highly-coveted Air Jordan sneakers.

In case you haven’t heard what happened when Nike released the latest edition of the shoe, there were multiple arrests:

And in several cases, the police had to be called in to control near-rioting crowds:

After the various violent mishaps that followed the release of the shoes, community leaders claim the people at the top should take responsibility.

Are they freakin’ serious?????  Blame the company?  Not the trash criminals?  They are shoes people!  Get a grip!  Evidently, those who perpetrate the crimes over a damn pair of over priced shoes are victims.  Large piles of caca de toro!

“These shoes have always had a place of value in Black life,” said Malik Ingram.
“It is the responsibility of Michael Jordan and Nike to stand up and be part of the solution. Right now it’s a public safety issue with children wearing those sneakers,” said Quanell X.

So, it’s Michael Jordon’s fault that these people act like animals over a pair of shoes they likely cannot afford? This guy in the video is a minister? Does he not teach the Ten Commandments? You know the ones….Thou Shalt Not Steal, Thou Shalt Not Covet, etc.? How about blaming a community for letting the thug culture to thrive! How about blaming the parents who have failed to teach their kids respect! How about blaming a church that has fallen so far away from the Word of God! How about blaming the people who behave like animals!  Black like?  Seriously?  This isn’t a color thing, it’s a criminal thing!

Bolton: If You’re Thinking Of Voting For Ron Paul, ‘Think Again’

29 December 2011, 11:28 am. 8 Comments. Filed under 2012, Election Stuff, Opinion.

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