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Holder Goes To Clinton Camp

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Saturday Afternoon – No Computer – Laundry Time

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Apologies! Since all I have is an itty bitty phone now, and ya can’t copy and paste stuff with an itty bitty phone….or phone of any kind as far as I know….this is as far as I got this week. Things should get back to normal by the first of next week. I’ve gotten a LOT done not having a computer. I will NOT make it a habit. Heh.

Black Activists Sue Democrat Party For History of Racism & Abuse – Gateway Pundit

Occupy DC: we don’t need no steenking permits – This Ain’t Hell

What Bias?… Nationally Syndicated Cartoonist Paints Republicans as Child Rapists – Gateway Pundit

Christian Churches To Go Underground in America? – The American Tea Party

Union Bosses Win, Ohio Workers Get Fired – Big Government

The Ultimate Devastating Price of Government Dependency – Lloyd Marcus (American Thinker)

You Made Fun Of My Candidate; We Can’t Be Friends – Conservative Daily News

Walking Tall Again

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