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Blogging will likely be fairly light, most likely, for a while. We are on our way to Brat and Ick’s for Christmas. Should be REAL interesting. *snicker* Three teenagers, one quite preggers (19), the daddy, Ick and Brat, the Mr and myself, for a total of eight people in one house, plus dumb dogs #1, 2, and 3, Rockey Moose, and Salem kitty. Good thing it’s a decent sized house.

Pray for all of our sanity. :D

Saturday Afternoon – On The Road – No Laundry Time

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Public Enemy #1

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It’s Not Your “Job”!

How ‘Job Creators’ Are Fighting Back
by John Stossel

Some politicians claim that politicians create jobs.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says, “My job is to create jobs.”

What hubris! Government has no money of its own. All it does is take from some people and give to others. That may create some jobs, but only by leaving less money in the private sector for job creation.

Actually, it’s worse than that. Since government commandeers scarce resources by force and doesn’t have to peddle its so-called services on the market to consenting buyers, there’s no feedback mechanism to indicate if those services are worth more to people than what they were forced to go without.

The only people who create real, sustainable jobs are in private businesses — if they’re unsubsidized.

Please read the whole column here.

I am constantly baffled by the Democrat politicians.  There is no logic in their way of thinking.  I’m not really sure where they got the idea that government was a job creator, when in truth, they are a job killer!  Between Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and B. Hussein, more jobs have been killed than in my memory.  They have not learned from their own mistakes, much less those of others.

That absurd ‘stimulus’ bill that was suppose to stimulate the economy and get Americans working again, did nothing of the sort.  It took money from us, and gave it to people who would be obligated to the government, not the hard working Americans whose pockets were picked.  And the majority of our money went for some of the most ridiculous things known to mankind. $219,779,694,062 was given out in grants. Grants, not loans….GRANTS.  Not one penny will ever have to be returned to the tax payers.  They call this ‘creating jobs’?  There are more than 10,000 pages of grants on their website.  A great many were handed out by the Department of Eduction, and the Department of Labor.  Why was so much handed out to the union thugs at SEIU?  That speaks volumes!

  Click to embiggen, or go to the source.

Along with some seriously “blue states”, it also appears Governor Perry’s state received quite a chunk of change, as well.  Just sayin’.  :?

We were told that the unemployment rate would never go above 8%.  Problem is, it hasn’t gone BELOW 8% pretty much since Obama has been in office.  The major decline started when the Democrats took over the House and the Senate in 2006.  The only reason that it has now dropped below 9% is because people have given up looking, they are no longer applying for unemployment, so aren’t counted in the Department of Labor’s statistics. The REAL number of unemployed, or under employed is closer to 22%.

Corporations, as a whole, are NOT evil.  Corporations were created by men and women who risked everything to get a company going, to hire people, to provide services and goods for the consumers, which in turn grows said business, and creates more jobs.  It really isn’t that complicated.  If a little ol’ broad, sitting in her jammies in Podunk Tennessee can figure this out, why is it those over paid, over educated bozos in Washington D.C. can’t?

Are some corporations ‘evil’?  No, but the people who run them may very well be!  I understand business ethics is no longer a requirement for a business degree, or a law degree either.  Hmm…  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it!  There are people who believe they are allowed to take money from businesses, and put it their own pocket.  Hopefully, the majority of them end up in jail, as they are stealing from the employees and the stock holders who put their faith in a feckless weasel.

On the other hand, there are corporations that started out as a small family business.  The business grew thanks to the ethical behavior of it’s owners.  They employed more and more people, the company turned into a big corporation, and that big corporation in turn, employees a WHOLE lot of people.  As long as unions don’t get their fingers in the pie, odds are, with smart management, that corporation will continue to grow and continue to employee hundreds, or even thousands of people.

So Mr Reid, if you are serious about creating jobs, would you kindly GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY, and allow private businesses to do what they do best!  I have found nothing in the Constitution that states the Senate has the power, or duty, to create jobs.  Nope…not your job at all!

Greetings from Guantanamo Bay!

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