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2011, Buh Bye!

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Ann on Newt….Again????

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Ok, I gotta toss this in. Ann, we get it! You don’t like Newt. Can ya give us something positive about any of the other candidates? And please, not everyone is as crazy about Mitt as you are, so could ya share a few thoughts on perhaps Michelle, or maybe Rick 1 and 2? :?

Newt Helped Formulate Christmas
by Ann Coulter

Every few years, heinous Democratic policies — abortion, gay marriage, affirmative action, Hillarycare, Obamacare, to name a few — compel previously uninvolved Americans to leap into politics.

This is great, except for two things: (1) We have to get heinous Democratic policies first; and (2) newcomers have short memories, sometimes no memories at all.

The second point is the only possible explanation for why some conservatives seem to view Newt Gingrich as the anti-Establishment outsider who will shake up Washington.

Newly active right-wingers would do well to spend a little more time quietly reading up on Newt’s political career, and a little less time shaking their fists at some imaginary “Establishment” — which now apparently includes Michael Savage, Mark Steyn, Christine O’Donnell, Ramesh Ponnuru, Glenn Beck and me, all of whom oppose Newt’s candidacy. (By the way, guys, are we car-pooling to the next Trilateral Commission meeting? I have a thing at the World Bank that same day.)

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Whose Side Is This S.O.B. On?

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Go to 4:00 to hear Paul say that WikiLeaks is “technically” breaking the law, then praising an “American citizen” who gives information to WikiLeaks (Manning, he means) for “practicing civil disobedience,” and calling him a “true patriot.”  (source)

Manning is a traitor. He committed treason, IMHO, and should be shot. Ron Paul is insane, and should be retired to the funny farm where he belongs!  His concern for the safety of Americans is touching.  /snark

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Your Race Card Has Been Revoked!

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Neuter This Scum!

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Chicago Father Faces Abuse Charges Over Facebook Image of Daughter Bound With Duct Tape

A 21-year-old Chicago father is due in court Wednesday afternoon to face abuse charges after he posted an image on Facebook depicting his 1-year-old daughter bound with duct tape on her mouth, wrists and ankles.

Chicago Police Department spokesman Officer Ron Gaines told that Andre Curry faces one count of aggravated domestic battery. He was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly used purple painter’s tape to bind his daughter.

An image of the alleged abuse was posted on Curry’s Facebook profile, but it has since been removed. A caption accompanying the image read: “This is wut [sic] happens wen [sic] my baby hits me back. ; )”

 I often kid about taping my 13 year old granddaughter to the wall, but neither, I, nor my daughter, nor my son in law would EVER actually do such a thing!!  This guy should be strung up by his nether regions and the crap beat out of him.  THEN put under the prison! After a few months, he should have the whole process repeated….often. There are some things that should NEVER be tolerated! This is one of them!

The Senate Fails The People….. Again!

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Senators, Do Your Job and Get to Work
The Foundry

On the front page of the White House’s website, a clock slowly ticks away, second by second, counting down to the day, hour, minute, and second that the nation’s payroll tax “holiday” expires and the American people get socked right where it counts — in the pocket book. And just next to that clock is a message laying the blame squarely on the House of Representatives. But today the real culprit in this debacle is the U.S. Senate which, right now, is home for the holidays already, celebrating with family while Washington sits in a stalemate.

In a rare appearance in the White House press room yesterday, President Barack Obama reiterated his message, blaming Washington’s inaction on “a faction of Republicans in the House” and their “refusal to cooperate” with the Senate — as if it’s the job of Members of Congress to go along and get along for the sake of advancing the President’s agenda, regardless of whether it’s the right move for America. As a reminder, this is the same President who has not met with House Republican leadership in five months and is now praising the grand accomplishment of a Senate that has failed to pass a budget for nearly 1,000 days under Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) direction.

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