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What’s Next? Burkas?

Army to adjust policy on religious headdresses in JROTC

The Army will develop a policy allowing Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets to ask for permission to wear religious headdresses with their uniforms.

The decision came in a letter dated Monday, the response to an October complaint filed by the Council of American-Islamic Relations on behalf of a Williamson County student.

Gadeir Abbas, a staff attorney with the council, said the decision was a victory for all.

“This is sending a message that the JROTC is a program for all Americans,” he said.

Well, that message would be real nice, except for one thing.  Muslims and American freedom, fought and won by the U.S. Military, do NOT mix.  They are a total contradiction.  This is just one more example of the wussification of our military, thanks to the politically correct, but utterly ignorant!

The student, Demin Zawity, was the first to challenge the JROTC policy, Abbas said. Demin, Muslim and a freshman at Ravenwood High School, quit the JROTC program earlier this year because she wasn’t allowed to wear a religious headscarf in a parade. She said the scarf protected her modesty.

Give me a flippin’ break! So what if she quit! Here’s a huge WHO CARES! And those ‘headscarves’ are not religious! They are tradition in backwards countries, where women are suppressed. This is the U.S., not some 3rd world country stuck in the middle ages!

In Monday’s letter, Larry Stubblefield, deputy assistant secretary of the Army’s diversity and leadership division, confirmed the policy would change. He wrote that officials from the JROTC planned to contact Demin and offer her the chance to re-enroll in Ravenwood’s program.

“Diversity and leadership division”? Are they kidding? There is only one color in the Army….that’s green, or camo…depending on where said soldier is located at any given time. What’s this ‘diversity’ horse manure? There is no ‘diversity’ in the military, or shouldn’t be! They should be soldiers, ready to defend this country and her citizens, not a bunch of pussified whiners!

Demin said previously that she probably wouldn’t return to JROTC because she was too busy with her studies but that she hoped other Muslims would join. She didn’t return messages left Thursday.

And there, problem solved! Now pull your collective head’s out of CAIR’s hind end, and start acting like strong Americans….again….instead of a bunch of PC bowers and scrapers to the enemies of the country.

To date, five exceptions have been granted nationwide. Four of the exceptions were for servicemen belonging to the Sikh faith, and one was for an Orthodox Jewish rabbi serving in the Army Reserve, Wright said, adding that he didn’t know how many people had applied for an exception.

“Persons who are in active combat are less likely to get granted,” he said. “They have to have a good seal around their neck to prevent the leakage of their gas mask equipment, and a beard and/or a turban could be problematic.”

The turbans of the Sikhs, and the yamaka of the Orthodox Jews, ARE religious. That head scare is NOT.

“We are an emerging group in the U.S., and as we emerge, there are inevitably going to be instances where rules, albeit not intentionally, disadvantage Muslims,” he said. “But there is a difference between possible discrimination and safety. If the rule is designed around safety, that’s just acknowledging a reality.”

And there in lies the problem. An “emerging group” that wants to destroy the U.S. FYI CAIR….I’m one of those who will NOT be bowing to Mecca. I’ve no doubt there a whole lot of us who will push back!

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  1. Mark 12A. 23 December 2011, 10:24 am

    I’m not an “Islamophobe” since “-phobe” denotes fear.  I’m an “Islamo-don’t like them and think they are inimical to western civilization and believe a clash between civilizations is inevitable so why not just get it over with”. 
    My question would be this: if the head scarf means so much to her, what are the chances she’d do a Nidal on her fellow soldiers?

  2. olbroad. 23 December 2011, 10:36 am

    Naw… I don’t go with the ‘phobia’ bit myself.  But since it’s a word CAIR made up, I figure, what the heck!  :)  And in answer to that question….I’d say it’s a real good possibility that ANY muslim would go Nidal on their fellow soldiers.  It’s their duty to murder, at least according to their murderous  pedophile non prophet.  I’m all for kicking ‘em all out of the military, then start moving them towards the borders, the airports, and the ocean.  But that’s just me.  :evil: