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Heading Home

1 January 2012, 9:47 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, Travel.

After 2 wonderful (?) weeks with the family, we are going home.  It was an interesting visit, to say the least!  Heh.  Spending 2 weeks with 3 teenagers is an experience I didn’t think I’d survive, but we did, and no one died…..although the youngest one came REAL close a time or ten!

After a VERY long New Year’s Eve, they aren’t looking their best.  LOL  We set off fireworks, a couple that decided to just blow up.  We thought Ick was going to blow up his truck a time or two in the process.  The grand finale went pretty well, until it caught on fire.  I tried to take video, but it was so dark, I doubt if they came out.  I’ll check when we get home.

Shortly before midnight, the next door neighbors came home, and Ick went over to say ‘Howdy’!  They had quite a conversation.  It seems that one of their trucks had been broken into the night before.  Well, not exactly broken into….evidently, if a vehicle was unlocked, the scumbags would take darn near anything inside.  Well, that started us all thinking…did we lock our vehicles?  Yup!  Mine is ALWAYS locked.  It’s a habit.  Ick’s was locked as well.  Brat on the other hand….  sigh…  Seems they got a pair of $2 knock off sunglasses, some lip gloss, about $4 in change, and attempted to rip out her stereo.  Evidently they went through the whole truck, taking their time, even moving the seats back.  We thought they had gotten one of the speaker thingys under the seats, but evidently, it got shoved back, and they didn’t see them.  However, they broke the face whatsit off the radio, ripped up a bunch of stuff, but weren’t able to get the radio out.

The sheriff’s department was obviously extremely busy last night, so they weren’t able to come out to make the report until shortly before we left.  It seems there has been a rash of such thefts in the whole subdivision, 8 on Christmas morning.  How tacky!  He speculated that it was kids.  I’d like to know what kind of parents let their kids going roaming the neighborhood in the middle of the bloomin’ night?!  Out there in the country, you wouldn’t think they would have such issues, but it seems people are moving out from Harris County (Houston) and Jefferson County (Beaumont) and they are bring their evil spawn with them.

There were a couple of other events, more of the amusing variety, but that’s family stuff, and as much as I’d love to share it….I promised.  Heh.

We are halfway home, but will be stopping half the distance so the Mr can watch the Rose Bowl.  *shakes head*  Well, that’s ok, I think I can probably find some way to entertain myself.  :D

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