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From Governor Haslam

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I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season. While Crissy and I are excited to be back in Nashville and working towards moving Tennessee forward, we really enjoyed spending some time with our kids, family and friends.

As you may know, today marks the start of this year’s legislative session. And just a few minutes ago in the Old Supreme Court Chambers, I announced my 2012 legislative package aimed at moving Tennessee forward. This year, my focus remains: working to make Tennessee the No. 1 state in the Southeast for high quality jobs. We hope to get closer to this goal through economic development efforts, meaningful education reform, a more efficient and effective state government and improved public safety. Our 2012 legislative package is aimed at impacting key issues that are absolutely crucial to tackle now. Here’s a sampling of these issues:

These examples just scratch the surface of what we’re working on in 2012. I hope you’ll visit to learn more and watch a video about some of the issues with our state’s employment system. Thanks so much for your support and please feel free to share your feedback.


Bill  (source)

Why would it take the state 3 years to lower taxes on food from 5.5 to 5.0?  They can raise the tax in a day but can’t lower it?  Riiiiight.  Paying tax on food, which is a necessity, is absurd to begin with, but to piddle around lowering the tax?  That’s just ridiculous! 


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Romney wins New Hampshire primary

Mitt Romney captured the nation’s first primary election Tuesday, withstanding both stepped-up attacks by his Republican opponents and late slippage among voters.

With 17% of precincts reporting, the former Massachusetts governor had nearly 36% of the vote, followed by Texas Rep. Ron Paul with 24% and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman with 18%. Former House speaker Newt Gingrich and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum trailed with 11% and about 10%. Texas Gov. Rick Perry lagged with less than 1% of the vote.

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, but it seems to me that with just 17% of the precincts reporting, how can anyone project a winner? That leaves 83% of the precincts haven’t been counted. So, someone has decided that Romney has won, and that leaves those other people in the 83% of precincts that took the time to go vote, their vote doesn’t count?

Democrat “Tools”

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Former CNN Reporter Claims GOP Stuffed With Voters Who Want ‘Good Old Days of Jim Crow’

The latest liberal tendency — to try and cast Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum as racists, or cynical race-baiters to a party stuffed full of racists — is an absolute natural for “Reverend” Al Sharpton on MSNBC. On the Sharpton show Politics Nation on Friday night, former CNN reporter Bob Franken shoved both candidates into the mud for their talk of blacks and government dependency: “I think this is very intentional. I think it is part of a hateful campaign that is being very methodically run in the hope it`s going to appeal to voters who would love to see us return to the good old days of Jim Crow.”

Really? Wouldn’t a so called journalist check facts? But then, we no longer have journalists. We have the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party sitting behind the anchor desks and typewriters now.

In 1832, the phrase “Jim Crow” was born. By 1900, every former Confederate state (including Wyoming, Missouri, Ohio, Utah, Kentucky, Kansas and Oklahoma) had enacted “Jim Crow” laws prohibiting everything from interracial marriage to racially integrated public school systems. These state laws served to place blacks back on a virtual plantation. Similar to the “Black Codes” that came before them, Jim Crow laws were numerous. However, one denominator codified their sound support in Southern states: They all resulted from Democratic legislators of the “Solid South.” (source)

Seriously, you’d think that even Al Sharpton should know the truth, but evidently, he’s just a poverty pimp tool for the Democrats, so will tow the line for the Democrat ‘massas’. Perhaps Mr Sharpton should read up on his history, and make sure that so called former “journalist” gets educated as well!

How long are we going to let the blatant LIES continue? But hey, don’t take my word for it!  There is plenty of evidence that it is the Democrat Party that is the party of racists!  And the history of their racism is LONG!

It wasn’t the Democrats who freed the slaves. It wasn’t the Democrats who authored bill after bill to promote civil rights. It wasn’t the Republicans who stood in the school house door. It wasn’t the Republicans who killed civil rights activists. It wasn’t the Republicans who imposed a ‘voter literacy test‘.  It was the Democrat Party that had/has (?) a terrorist arm, NOT the Republicans.

Jim Crow?  Seriously?  Get a clue!


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Shared by Jerry.

And So, It Begins!

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So, today is the New Hampshire primary.  Yeah?  So?  Big damn deal!  I quit considering NH all that important when John McCain won in 2008.  Not sure what those people smoke up there, but….  Besides, any state in New England that could produce such luminaries as Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and a variety of other left leaning so called Republicans, can all can ALL kiss my grits!  That area of the country really isn’t representative of the REST of the country.  Well, except for California, but nowadays, most folks can’t even consider that a part of the world of reality.  :?  Sorry Rob and Jenn, but y’all know it’s true.  :(  Governor Moonbeam has made sure of that!

So, now I’m reading that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are ‘tied’ for the lead?  Really?  Tin Foil Hat and Romney?  *shakes head*  And not only are those two tied, conservatives see Romney as ‘acceptable’?  For what?  A substitute Ken doll?


Does anyone else see a problem here?  If not, let me point it out!  The “moderates” and “libs” ALSO find Romney acceptable!  Shouldn’t that disturb anyone who claims to be a conservative?  The more the left and middle (aka roadkill) find a candidate ‘acceptable’, the LESS acceptable he/she should be to those on the RIGHT!

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t dislike Romney, I just don’t want him as the nominee.  Sadly, it appears that is exactly who we will be stuck with, thanks to all the media and talking heads….”Romney is the only one who can beat Obama”.

Seriously?  Honest opinion, I think at this point in time, a cucumber could beat D’Bama!  Yup….he sucks THAT much as POTUS!  You folks who are letting the media make up your mind for you need to stay home on the date of your state’s primary!  Allow those of us who actually have looked into each candidate, and made a rational decision do the voting, ok?  Then, when we get the nominee that represents the vast majority of conservative Americans, y’all can cast your vote for him on 6 November, ok?  Just sayin’.

Newsboys – God’s Not Dead

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Cuz I like the Newsboys!

The Gutting Of Our Defense

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A Hollow US Military
by J. D. Longstreet

If the President and the Congress are able to realize their plans for the US military, it will leave American with, as the title to this piece suggests, a hollow force. It will also place America in a great deal of danger because our military will be a great deal smaller in numbers of troops.

Think about that for a moment. Not only will our military lose so much of its war fighting materiel, it will lose many thousands of troops. That’s bad enough but there is something else — and no one seems concerned about it.

You see, when the military cutbacks come, we will lose the experience of troops who have actually been on the battlefield, who have actually looked the enemy in the eye, who have dealt with the pain of taking another human being’s life, and the deep abiding pain of losing a friend or companion in battle, who have fought the fight and lived to tell about it. BUT – they will not be available to train the raw recruits that will always be necessary to keep the much smaller fighting force flush with young, robust, well-trained fighting men.

Everything, these days, seems to have a price in dollars and cents. Not experience. The value of experienced combat soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines is inestimable. It also holds true, not just for enlistees, but for officers as well — mustangs and academy graduates, alike. Experienced officers are a must for a military to even consider executing a victorious military campaign. Book knowledge is absolutely necessary but it can’t hold a candle to experience on the battlefield.

Read the entire column here.

For a country to gut it’s military during a time of war, and yes, we are in a war on several fronts, is not only insane, but extremely dangerous!  You can call what is going on around the world isolated incidents by radical Islamists, but the truth is…they aren’t all that isolated, and they aren’t just ‘radicals’. They are Muslims, plain and simple! Just a few examples of those isolated incidents for the 9th and 10th of January, courtesy of “The Religion of Peace“:

2012.01.10 (Yathreb, Iraq) – Three schoolboys between the ages of 9 and 11 are dismantled by ‘insurgents’ while walking to school.
2012.01.10 (Jamrud, Pakistan) – Three dozen people waiting in line at a gas station are torn to pieces by Islamist bombers.
2012.01.10 (Sharan, Afghanistan) – Civilians and guards are killed during an assault on a telecommunications building by suicidal Fedayeen..
2012.01.09 (Baghdad, Iraq) – Sunni bombers detonate a car bomb at a Shiite mosque, killing five.
2012.01.09 (Baghdad, Iraq) – At least seven people at a market are blown to bits by Jihadi car bombers.
2012.01.09 (Dabori, Pakistan) – The bodies of ten local troops, abducted during a Taliban raid, are found brutally beheaded.

The day isn’t over yet!  And how many so called ‘honor killings‘ have we had right here in the U.S. of A.?  Not to mention the OBVIOUS terror attack on a U.S. military base, the shooting of recruiters, the attempted bombing by the ‘crotch bomber‘, the attempt at Ft Dix, the incident in Florida within the last few days, and the list goes on and on.

Are you aware that the difference in the numbers of males and females in Muslim countries is extremely dramatic?

Is this one of the reasons Obama is so anxious to put us in harm’s way?  To rid the country of several million women and girls?  Just asking.

Yet, the Obama administration thinks it’s a good idea to ‘save money’ by gutting our military.  Calling him the Commander in Chief is beyond laughable, but it reality, he is one very dangerous man/child, and we are ALL put in danger by his actions.  If he truly wanted to ‘save money’, he’d stop creating more bureaucratic BS! And perhaps, he could pay back the taxpayers for all those luxury trips he and the ‘queen’ have taken. There are MANY ways for the government to cut spending, but the military isn’t one of them!

Do we really want to become a third world nation, allow our borders to continue to be breached, and allow a total takeover of the rest of the world by a theocratic dictatorship, and see even more blood of the innocents in the streets?  If Congress would grow a pair, on BOTH sides of the aisle, and stop this stupidity, we just MIGHT have a chance to survive, and save our nation for our children!

The First U.S. Dick Tater

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Obama’s Arrogant Authoritarianism
The Foundry

Last week, President Barack Obama took the latest step on his road toward an arrogant, new authoritarianism with four illegal appointments that entirely trampled on the Constitution’s requirements. More troubling still, the President chose to shred the Constitution all in the name of serving his Big Labor agenda while killing jobs in the process.

The President’s actions once again gave voice to his animating view of governing: doing so is much easier when one isn’t constrained by the Constitution and its checks and balances. “We can’t wait,” the President exclaimed after unilaterally appointing Richard Cordray as director of the newly inaugurated Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). He also appointed three officials to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), two of whom had been nominated less than a month before.

The policy implications of the President’s appointments? The CFPB will now have unmitigated authority to issue regulation upon regulation, contributing to the already-crippling red tape that is strangling business in America. And the NLRB will have the power to advance the President’s agenda to bolster unions across the country at the expense of job growth in a smarting economy.

Read on…

Daily Read – January 10

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Genesis 21:1-22:24

Psalm 6:6-10

Proverbs 3:5-6

Matthew 8:18-34