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A Voice Silenced

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But the song shall live on.

Legendary blues singer Etta James dies in Calif.

Etta James’ performance of the enduring classic “At Last” was the embodiment of refined soul: Angelic-sounding strings harkened the arrival of her passionate yet measured vocals as she sang tenderly about a love finally realized after a long and patient wait.

In real life, little about James was as genteel as that song. The platinum blonde’s first hit was a saucy R&B number about sex, and she was known as a hell-raiser who had tempestuous relationships with her family, her men and the music industry. Then she spent years battling a drug addiction that she admitted sapped away at her great talents.

Rest in gentle peace.


Why use ‘despicable,’ clueless left-wing media to moderate GOP debates?
By Charles Hurt

There is growing consternation in Republican circles and among conservatives over why Republicans keep allowing the various Communist, leftist and otherwise anti-American TV networks to host GOP debates.

The ickiness of Diana Sawyer asking questions in her cloying voice is more than most can bear. The utter cluelessness of the questions these people think actual American voters care about is mystifying. The shameless and ham-handed pandering to conservatives by the networks is revolting.

Indeed, the entire phoenix rising candidacy of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich can be attributed to America’s abject hatred of the left-wing media. He was destitute and written off by the press when he tapped into one of the most visceral political reactions coursing through the veins of regular Americans. And once be began beating up the media, America gathered around him.

Last night, we saw once again why Republicans need to keep allowing fakers and Communists to moderate their GOP debates. Because without the leftist, elitist snobs to beat the ever-living crap out of every couple of weeks, the debates would be so much less fun.

Now I realize that what we watched last night was not a simple beating and perhaps it was wrong of so many of us to enjoy it with such bloodlust. It was more a public evisceration. A man’s entrails were picked out and drawn far out from inside him and left for jackals to chew on before his living eyes.

Read the rest of this EXCELLENT column here.  Watch the first major smack down of the “cardboard cutout” here.

Now, as to who won the debate?  Well, honestly, I couldn’t tell ya, but if the smack downs count, it would be Newt Gingrich.  Heh.  I liked a lot of Rick Santorum’s answers, and he explained a few things that other candidates, and their followers have been spreading around the interwebs.  It was helpful.  Mitt Romney?  Well, I’m wondering if he was really there, or if that was just a big ol’ Ken doll with the string in the back.  Pull string, get answer.  :?  And what can ya say about the uncle in the attic?  Once again, he did his best “what the hell are you talking about” responses.  He did come through a few times, and I do have to give him credit for that!

So, have I decided yet?  Nope.  Still working on it though.  :D  IMHO, anyone of them could, and would, be a MUCH better POTUS than the Marxist we have been stuck with for the last 3 years!  Yep…it was 3 years ago today when he officially began his destruction of the United States of American!  Past time to send the lowlife packing!

Throwing Away OUR Money

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Story here.

Personally, I want to see those con artists behind bars, along with the POS in the WH who GAVE them OUR money!

H/T: Mimosa via FB

Obama’s Rainbow Farting Unicorns…

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…in the land of make believe!

Obama’s Magic Kingdom of Joblessness
The Foundry

Yesterday in Walt Disney World, the land “where dreams come true,” President Barack Obama appeared before Cinderella’s Castle to announce his latest plan to boost jobs in America–an effort to increase tourism to the United States. His announcement came one day after he flat out said “NO” to another plan that would have directly created at least 20,000 truly shovel-ready jobs–and 179,000 American jobs by 2035–while bringing more than 700,000 barrels of oil to the United States each day. That plan was the Keystone XL pipeline.

Had the President approved Keystone, a 1,700-mile pipeline would have been extended from Alberta, Canada, to Texas refineries — lifting up the U.S. economy with private-sector investment, putting people to work, and helping increase the supply of energy to lower prices when fuel costs are through the roof. Despite a finding by the State Department that the pipeline would pose minimal environmental risk, environmentalists were still up in arms and lobbied the President to say no to the plan.

Read on…

Japan Bombs Obama

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Daily Read – January 20

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Genesis 39:1-40:23

Psalm 10:1-11

Proverbs 4:1-6

Matthew 13:31-58