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Hope Has Changed

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As Of 8:11 PM CST

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Now, I really wish someone would explain to me why there are folks voting for candidates that have dropped out of the race. I know…it’s a protest vote and all that, but when it comes right down to the BIG show in November, that ‘protest vote’ could end up giving Obama another four years to finish the job of destroying the country. :? Just sayin’.

Saturday Afternoon – Being Quite Lazy – Laundry Time

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An Evil Marriage

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Democrats: The Only Thing Standing Between Organized Labor and Irrelevance

Although purporting to be the party that supports workers’ rights, the Democrats have risen in unified opposition to guaranteeing American laborers one of their most fundamental freedoms: the ability to choose whether or not to join a union. For instance, the Democratic Governor of New Hampshire, John Lynch, vetoed a previous right-to-work bill passed overwhelmingly by his state’s legislature.

Even President Obama has injected himself into these local disputes, claiming: “When I hear some of these folks trying to pass so-called ‘right to work’ laws for private sector workers, that really means the right to work for less and less and less. When I hear some of this talk, I know this is not about economics. This is about politics.”

Read the whole post at Big Government.

I’ve never hidden my opinion of unions or of the Democrat Party, and I’m not about to start now!  :?  Contrary to what they would like the public believe, neither entities give a flying flip about the ‘little guy’, the middle class, or anyone at all for that matter.  It’s all about power and control with those two, and they walk hand in hand.  Oh, Obama spins a pretty picture, full of rainbow farting unicorns, but it’s all a huge fantasy, with major ulterior motives…..control.  The unions?  Well, the dues paying members have been fed a bill of goods, and none at the top have the actual working person’s best interests at heart.  As a matter of fact, unions are one of the reasons so many companies have sent their manufacturing operations overseas.

Both the Democrats and the unions promote violence towards anyone who would stand in the way of their ultimate goals.  POWER!  Once they get what they want, the “little people” will be nothing but tools for them use to keep control of the masses.  Time to snap out of the Dem stupor, and start thinking for yourselves!


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U.S. gives church groups a year on birth control rule

The Obama administration on Friday ruled that religiously affiliated nonprofit organizations, including hospitals and universities, will have to offer birth-control coverage to women employees but gave the organizations an extra year to comply.

In a decision expected to draw opposition from religious conservatives, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a final rule requiring affiliated groups to provide a broad range of services, from implanted contraceptive devices to the morning-after pill. Many do not at present.

The government’s decision does not apply to churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and some religiously-affiliated elementary and secondary schools, which remain exempt.

But it comes as a blow to the interests of some religious authorities.

Wait a minute….isn’t it the left that is always shouting “church and state”?  Even if there really is no such thing?

Now, if I remember correctly, the 1st Amendment gives religious organization freedom to practice their religion without government interference, unless of course, there is some seriously sick crap going on…or unless it’s Muslim, of course.  Well?  These hospitals and schools are run by religious organization, teaching and actually practicing their faith.  For the Obama administration to come in, and DEMAND they go against their faith, to me, seems like a complete violation of their freedom to practice their religion as laid out in the 1st Amendment by the Founders.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;….”

Yep….there it is…right there!  The very FIRST ‘right’ in the Bill of Rights.  Demanding a Catholic hospital or college to defy their God given RIGHT to practice their faith by passing out anything that would/could end the life of a child goes against church doctrine.  I don’t care if a lot of churches, Catholic or otherwise, have become so liberal they have forgotten what is actually IN the Bible, and thing this kind of intrusion of the federal government is just honky dory, it actually is NOT!

I pray that all true Christians, who still remember the Word of God, and do their utmost to follow His teachings will remember the continuous trampling of the U.S. Constitution come this next November.  I also pray the new POTUS will remember that ObamaCare is one of the major reasons why he was elected, and from day one, work to de-fund and repeal that piece of garbage!

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Obama’s Bailout Bowl!

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Daily Read – January 21

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Genesis 41:1-42:38

Psalm 10:12-18

Proverbs 4:7-9

Matthew 14:1-21