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4 February 2012, 6:00 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion.

Food Stamp President – Truth Hurts – The Black Sphere

Tantrums On The Tarmac – Always On Watch

Abortions are Safer than Having Children? Tell that to the Aborted Baby – Godfather Politics

Black History Month?… Yeah that’s “Unity” – American and Proud

It’s Time To Put Michelle Obama In Her Place – The Daily Rant

Rep. Allen West – Woman Honor Thyself

When I Take My Sugar To TEA… – The Camp Of The Saints

Allen West: Bob Beckel owes me an apology – The Right Scoop

Vanderbilt Univ Discriminates Against Religious Faiths – Blue Collar Muse

“Praxis Matrix” – Badger Blogger

Santorum calls on voters to defy media, give him another look – Conservative Byte

This may be a PBS video – Cmblake6′s

Mass Voter Fraud Discovered In Florida, Could Sway 2012 Presidential Election – Pat Dollard

Ed Schultz Tells Radio Listeners ‘You Better Be Packing Iron’ to Defend Yourselves – NewsBusters

White House Insider: Obama Complains – I Wanna Be Cool Again! – The Ulsterman Report

Obama Thinks Veterans Are Only Good For Menial Jobs – Stop the ACLU

USSC Justice Ginsburg To Egyptians: Don’t Model Your Constitution After America’s, It’s Too Old… Try South Africa’s Instead – The Daily Gator

Newt Gingrich promises to issue Executive Orders to undo Barack Obama’s agenda on his first day in office – America’s Watchtower

The War Against Parents: The UNCRC – The College Conservative

THIS IS WAR: If They Succeed in Forcing a Romney Nomination On Us, The Republican Establishment Must Be Destroyed – Reaganite Republican

Ingenious Obama plan to balance the budget: Charge Americans to renounce their citizenship. – IHateTheMedia

Embrace Change… – Ick’s Corner

Democrats–Ain’t They Peculiar? – Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

For the Sake of the Conservatism, Romney Deragement Syndrome Has to Stop – Calvin Freiburger

The Church of Government – Flopping Aces

Big Army silences Big Catholicism – This Ain’t Hell

Keystone Pipeline – Did Congress & the President put our National Security at risk? – Contagious Transformation

The Emperor TOTALLY misapplies scripture – Real Debate Wisconsin

Haslam Defends Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding – Humphrey On The Hill

Star Parker: “Memo To Mitt Romney: The Whole Nation Is On The Government Plantation” – Booker Rising


Komen caves – Camp4U

What in the world is wrong with Ann? – Hillbilly White Trash

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