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No Welcome Mat For Criminal Invaders

14 February 2012, 11:19 am. Comments Off. Filed under Crime, Illegals, Tennessee.

Illegal immigrants involved in fatal crashes may face higher bail

A Republican lawmaker wants higher bails set for illegal immigrants involved in serious injury or fatal crashes.

A bill proposed by state Rep. Joe Carr of Lascassas would lead to higher bail amounts for illegal immigrants in those situations by automatically treating them as a flight risk — making it harder to bond out before trial.

Carr said the bill follows his philosophy of tackling illegal immigration one issue at a time, something he says the state should do to “de-magnetize itself from the dependency illegals have on state services and the fact that they feel like they’re welcome here.”

“They’re not welcome in Tennessee,” he said.

I have a much better idea….how about NO BAIL at all!  First they are in the country ILLEGALLY, which is the first law they broke.   They are not ‘immigrants’, they are criminals.  Second, they are driving on the streets, ILLEGALLY, since they are not allowed to have driver’s license because they are in the country ILLEGALLY.  And third, being involved in vehicular crash with fatalities (also known as KILLING people) while driving without a legally obtained license, after sneaking into the country ILLEGALLY, should carry the heaviest of all penalties.  That’s 3 strikes right there!

How about let’s use a wee bit of common sense, and not offer criminal invaders ANY bail!   I would suggest we enforce our own laws, and perhaps make them even stronger, as so many other countries do.  The Mexican government has a strangle hold on their southern border, why don’t we?  Other countries, like North Korea, or Afghanistan, just shoot the invaders.  No fuss, no muss!  I’m not saying we have to shoot anyone coming over our borders, but it is a sort of war, and we are being invaded.  Just sayin’.

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