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A Preview Of Life Under Full-Blown Tyranny

Imagine a world in which the decisions you make for your children are irrelevant. It’s a world in which the state, rather than the parents, determines what your child must eat for lunch.

Parents in Hoke County, N.C., are experiencing it firsthand, according to Civitas Institute. At West Hoke Elementary School, preschoolers are being forced to supplement their homemade lunches with meals provided by their school because a government inspector has determined the lunches they bring from home don’t meet Federal guidelines.

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I will admit, it has been a REALLY long time since I had to eat a school lunch, but the memory hasn’t left me.  I’m sure if you have had that displeasure, you will also remember….they were mostly nasty, and not even close to being ‘healthy’.  Evidently, they haven’t changed much in that last XX years, except that there are more choices of  nasty food to choose from, and a WHOLE lot more expensive!

Yet, in steps the state…the state of tyranny!  Yep, that’s exactly what it is….tyranny!  Obviously, you, as a parent, don’t know your own child’s needs, so they MUST step in and take over.

There is a question I must ask:  What if the child has an allergy to something that being forced on them by the school food police?  What will the nannies do then?  Or perhaps there is something that is forced on the child that makes said child throw up?  Will they back off?  Likely not.  Another question:  Exactly who gave these tyrants the authority over our children?  We pay taxes for the school systems, yet I don’t remember such a thing ever being brought before the taxpayers, or the parents.

And if the food police aren’t bad enough, they also intend to CHARGE the parents for food the kid won’t eat.  Excuse me, I don’t freakin’ think so!  Intimidating 4 years olds PLUS making them pay?  Where do these people get off telling parents how to feed their own children??  That’s the leftards for ya!  Want control over everything.  It’s way past time to rein in the tin pot dick-taters in the government, and remind them…YOU WORK FOR US!

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