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Still Waiting on Baby

29 February 2012, 9:58 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, Life.

Today was mostly uneventful…unfortunately. I was really hoping Brat Jr would pop that melon, being the 29th and all. sigh… BUT, according to the doc, he is moving down to where he will start making her life a living hell soon. *snicker* We also thought since had started dilating, she would have gone a wee bit more, but no….of course not.

Listening to the little bugger’s heartbeat made question all those people who want to be able to kill a child this far along. He’s a living being, a creation of God, and not disposable like just so much garbage. And on that note…

If the kid hasn’t made an appearance by the 11th, they will induce. I was kind of hoping I would be headed back home with loads of pictures and video of a tiny person by then. :? Ah well, I’m fairly sure the Mr will be able to handle things a bit longer….just in case. :D

One thing that rather bugs me….Rick Santorum is gonna be in Jackson on Friday.  :(  However, family trumps politics, even an election year as important as this.

12:30 PM – Jackson
Unity Park
313 S. Church St

Just in case, y’know. :) He’s also going to be in Memphis, too.

3:15 PM – Memphis
Parking lot on the corner of Poplar Ave. and Crestmere Pl.
176 Crestmere Pl

If anyone goes, takes pictures, K? :)

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