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Haywood principal quits over anti-gay remarks

Haywood County High School’s principal has resigned after a national civil rights organization said she made anti-LGBT remarks and threatened to expel gay students.

A statement released by the Haywood County School Board’s law firm, Purcell, Sellers & Craig Inc., said Principal Dorothy Bond tendered her resignation Thursday.

“The Haywood County Board of Education acknowledges its student body’s right to free speech,” the board said in the statement. “Further, the Haywood County Board of Education strives to provide an atmosphere of tolerance and diversity while maintaining high academic standards.”

So…what was it that she said that was so horrible that the ACLU had to butt their noses in?

In the news release earlier Thursday, the ACLU said it had received reports from parents and students that during a school assembly, Bond said “gay students are ‘not on God’s path’ and threatened to expel them if they publicly showed affection for members of the same sex.”

And? First, it happens to be the truth.  If you read God’s Word, you’d find that homosexuality is considered an ‘abomination’.  But since they have removed God from education, it’s an anything goes world, and it’s just peachy keen to let kids wander down the wrong path.  :?  And second, do the schools allow straight kids to make out in the hallways?  PDA (public displays of affection) are typically frowned upon.  If the straight kids can’t do it, and would likely be expelled, then why should the LGBT bunch be able to get away with such behavior?  It has nothing to do with whether or not a kid is gay or straight, it has every thing to do with common courtesy, and proper public behavior.  I guess that’s not taught anymore either, since it’s such a bastion of ‘tolerance and diversity’.  Pfft!  Nothing more intolerant than those who shout the loudest about tolerance.  But this wasn’t the only ‘crime’ the principal committed.

ACLU officials said they were told by parents and students that Bond also said “life is over” for girls who became pregnant.

I dunno…is it just me, or wouldn’t you think parents would prefer their teenage daughters NOT to get pregnant?  Ask any teenage mother how her life is going, and likely, they’ll tell you…’I have no life anymore’. So, once again, the principal was correct. Once you have a baby, you’re entire life is tied up with that child. You don’t get to go out with friends, you are always either working to pay for the sitter and a few essentials, or you are living off your parents, or you are taking tax payer money to provide for a child. If, as a pregnant teen, you decide to go the liberal route, and murder the baby, you will always have that in the back of your mind, plus the odds of breast cancer go up. I won’t even mention the botched job that could end up killing the girl as well. It does happen, and more frequently than people might think. Then there’s always that chance that because of that action, the odds of having children in the future, when you are grown up enough to deal with a child, you might not be able to conceive. There are a LOT of reasons why a teen’s life would be ‘over’. Wouldn’t you think that parents would want their kids taught the realities of life?

It really is way past time for us to bring back the concept of ‘shame‘!

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  1. Ferrell Gummitt. 2 March 2012, 3:29 pm

    This is because kids are taught from the book of “Liberal Political Correctness and the Everybody Wins there is no competition” curriculum.   My two homeschooled kids can recite from memory all of the books of the Old Testament in order.  Can you imagine if they got up in a Public School and started doing that?!!!  They would probably be beaten up by the other kids and then suspended forever or worse reprogrammed to fit the Obama Liberal Public School model.

  2. olbroad. 3 March 2012, 10:19 am

    Kind of sad when the public education system, that we pay for, is a tool for evil.  :?