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Undermining Faith

When Lainie posted this story on Facebook yesterday, I was already tired, and in a very good mood (always am after church), so didn’t really feel like tackling this issue. But now, it’s Monday morning, and no one is in a good mood on Monday mornings. Well, normal people who have to face a long week of work usually aren’t. Heh.

State University will no longer cancel classes for Christian, Jewish holidays

State University of New York at Stony Brook has decided to no longer cancel classes for major Christian and Jewish holidays in an effort to ensure that some religions are not given special treatment and to “afford equal support and equal respect to students and faculty from all faiths.”

Jewish students would be impacted on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover and Holy Week. Christian students would be impacted on Good Friday. The Christmas holiday is protected under a union contract and occurs when classes are traditionally not in session.

You’ll excuse me if I find this decision to NOT be equal, to anyone.  Evidently, Jews and Christians paying for their assumed education at this institution will be unable to celebrate important events in their faith.  Oh, but since Christmas is in the ‘union contract’, people of all faiths will get a break.  Does anyone else find this a rather odd way to show “equal respect to students and faculty of all faiths”?  Apparently, the students and teachers will either be missing those classes, or violating their faith?

For the Jews, it’s pretty much a mandate from God that they observe these Holy Days.  Whoever came up with this absurd idea might want to read the Old Testament.  Better yet, they should read the Torah, where God gives His statutes that the people are REQUIRED to observe.

The public education system, at every level, has already taken away the Christian Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter, and replaced it with ‘spring break’, where kids go off to some 24/7 party, get drunk, behave like heathens and hoochies, some ending up in jail.  Yeah…that as a real good idea, wasn’t it.  :?  Now, they want to take away Good Friday as well?

The university had considered allowing faculty to schedule exams on Saturday and Sunday — a time when many students attend worship services. However, that decision was tabled after reaching a compromise with students.

Isn’t it the student and the parents who are paying these yahoos salaries, whether through tuition or tax money? Who is in charge? The paid or the payee?

“As a secular university, as a state-funded university our priority must be to maximize instructional opportunities for our students,” said Charles Robbins, vice provost for undergraduate education. “First and foremost, it’s important to note that while I respect everyone’s concerns, the reality is it’s a relatively small number of people who are upset.”

It’s state funded? I guess that means that the students aren’t paying ANY tuition at all, right? That ‘relatively small number’ who are upset should probably change schools…and take their parents money with them. Also, the state should cut off all funding for an institution that obviously has NO respect for ANYONE’S faith.

I would suggest that the students of all faiths tell the school’s administration to stuff it where the sun don’t shine!  In light of recent shootings in Mississippi, I think education systems need MORE faith, not less.  If anyone needs the lessons of morality, it would be our kids.  Those “Thou Shalts” were not suggestions…they were ORDERS!

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  1. Roberta J Fye. 27 March 2012, 8:37 am

    After reading what you had to say about this idiocy, I thought about a video that I had posted to my FB page just yesterday.  I don’t know, maybe you’ve already seen it, but I think it is relevant to this issue, not to mention a whole slue of other issues in the here and now. The name of the vid is “If I Were the Devil”   By: Paul Harvey.  His predictions were spot on!

  2. olbroad. 27 March 2012, 10:12 am

    Rather prophetic, wasn’t he.  But we have been seeing the work of the devil for a long time, and when anyone steps up and speaks out, we’re being ‘intolerant’, ‘bigoted’, ‘prudish’.  So be it!  I will be intolerant, bigoted, and prudish.  “Get thee behind me Satan!”