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Trip To Wally World

28 March 2012, 12:38 pm. 11 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz.

Yep…I’m off to the ever popular Wal-Mart….again!  I was just there on Monday, but I’ll be darned if I didn’t forget a couple of things, even WITH a list.  sigh…  For you viewing entertainment, I give a few examples of what I see when I go.

Oh, but don’t forget, it’s usually a family affair, and there are mullets involved. :?
Since I live in Podunk, what kind of Podunkian would I be if I didn’t carry on the tradition of wearing some sort of camo to Wal-Mart?  Heaven forbid!

In case ya can’t read it, and likely ya can’t, since it’s small and backwards….






And I’ve got my NRA camo flip flops on, too! Got a problem with that? Most comfy pair of flips I’ve ever had!  Got ‘em at the convention a couple of years ago, and they have taken me through many trips to Wally World!

Yeah…I really AM old and fluffy. So what? :P Which is probably why I have to go get my blood sucked first. sigh…

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  1. Lola. 28 March 2012, 1:49 pm

    I need one of those t-shirts! I just got back from Target, the place where people who think they are too good to shop at Walmart go….
    They could have a “People of Target” website in my town!

  2. olbroad. 28 March 2012, 3:47 pm

    I can’t remember where I go this one, but I did find one with the printing on the back.  :?  I’d have to drive about 60 miles to go to a Target, and honestly, I find their prices a wee bit higher.  The way things are these days, I’ll be at the Dollar General soon.  sigh…

  3. Lola. 28 March 2012, 5:29 pm

    Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

  4. olbroad. 28 March 2012, 8:12 pm

    *curtsy*  :D

  5. W. C. Taqiyya. 29 March 2012, 2:58 pm

    Hey!  We call it wally world too.  Great minds….

  6. W. C. Taqiyya. 29 March 2012, 3:04 pm

    Also, you look good in camo, very nice indeed.  One virtual smootch for you.

  7. Lola. 29 March 2012, 3:57 pm

    W.C. Taqiyya! I love your name! It’s what O is doing!

  8. W. C. Taqiyya. 30 March 2012, 7:12 pm

    Yes Lola, only he’s doing it without the endearing, self-deprecating  comedy of W.C. Fields.  The tipsy, funny part of telling lies.   Somebody please give our sour puss muslim -in-chief a bottle of rye.  Then, maybe we can laugh a little.  Better yet, let’s get Michelle tanked to the gills and see how she really feels.  That would be a hoot.

  9. olbroad. 31 March 2012, 9:33 am


  10. Shadowblitz70. 1 April 2012, 10:54 pm

    I call it Wally World too.

    and I hafta say….. OB lookin HAWT in the camo!   ;)

  11. olbroad. 2 April 2012, 6:02 pm