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There Ought To Be A Law!

9 April 2012, 7:33 am. Comments Off. Filed under Crime, Male Bovine Excrement, Opinion, Politics, Socialism, Taxes, The ONE, U.S. Constitution.

Oh….wait a minute….THERE IS!  It’s called the Constitution, which LIMITS the power of the government, NOT the people!

Ask anyone in my family how I feel about liars, cheats and thieves, and likely they’ll give you a look that will tell you “don’t even try it with her”!

President Obama has touted reports from the Congressional Budget Office claiming his health care law would actually decrease the deficit. But due to a bundle of budget gimmicks and other legislation, calculations show that Obamacare actually adds $698 billion to the deficit. This week’s chart outlines each of those budget gimmicks.

“This morning a new analysis from the Congressional Budget Office concludes that the reform we seek would bring $1.3 trillion in deficit reduction over the next two decades. That makes this legislation the most significant effort to reduce deficits since the Balanced Budget Act in the 1990s,” Obama declared two years ago.

CBO actually did project the health care law would reduce the deficit, but that assessment has “always rested on a series of omissions, gimmicks, double-counting of savings, and implausible assumptions that also have not changed since the law was enacted in 2010,” according to James Capretta, a visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

The CBO report double-counted Medicare savings, which adds $400 billion to the deficit. The Medicare cuts were supposed to pay for both entitlement expansions and future benefits out of the Medicare Hospital Insurance trust fund.

So, let’s face a few facts here:  Barack Hussein Obama, and his minions, have been lying to, cheating, and stealing from the American people.   As Reagan said: “It’s not that liberals are ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” All you have to do is listen to Debbie Washerwoman Schultz to know that this is STILL the case. (What a buffoon). They have taken your money, that you worked to earn, and “invested” in companies that anyone in their right mind, with any economic sense, would steer clear of!

They have thrown this overreaching bill in our face, and told us we will like it or else! Or else what? Well, you’ll get fined, and of course, there is always the possibility of spending time in jail because you totally disagree with the idea that the government has the ‘right’ to force you to buy something you don’t need, don’t want, and the country, as a whole, can’t afford.

They lie to seniors, telling them the Republican plans will cut Medicare, and yet, that is exactly what THEY have done. They steal your hard earned money, and give it to people who are nothing more than animals who would go out of their way to murder you in the middle of the street, in a heartbeat, and think nothing of it. They encourage “dissent” in other countries and total anarchy in our own, yet insult and belittle those who disagree with their policies. You know the ones I mean…those who support the Constitution, and would very much appreciate if all elected officials would uphold their oath to ‘support and defend’. Yet when they don’t, and won’t, nothing is ever done so why bother. I honestly question how many who are holding elected office have ever actually read our founding documents? I have no problem responding, that very few know what is even in either of the most important documents, since they have a tendency to misquote, leave out parts, and generally ignore them.

We have a POTUS, who nothing more than a spoiled, narcissistic, little boy, who when he doesn’t get his own way, will go around the elected bodies that supposedly represent the PEOPLE, and sign executive orders. Misuse of power? Oh yeah…and lots of it!  Intimidation, voter fraud, outright theft of the PEOPLE’S money.  I’d say we have plenty of reason to worry.

Note to Republicans in office:  GROW A PAIR!

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