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VOTE! Because Your Life DOES Depend On It!

9 April 2012, 6:02 am. Comments Off. Filed under Crime, Feckless Weasels, Male Bovine Excrement, Opinion, Politics, Pond Scum, Socialism, Taxes, The ONE, video.

Standing on principle is fine, but when it comes to the future of this country, if you ‘stand on your principles’, don’t vote because your candidate didn’t turn out to the nominee, you might as well get ready for four more years of the hatred, the vitriol, the arrogance, the DESTRUCTION of the current administration. I, for one, am not about to sit idly by because I’m not a big fan of the ‘presumed’ nominee. Oh HELL no! If it takes voting for Mitt Romney to take the first step of getting this country back on track, then so be it!

There has been no perfect candidate….ever! Why do people think there would be one now? Reality snap people! Jesus ain’t running! If there is one candidate who could have joined us all together at the hip, that person is way too smart to want to be dragged into the muck and mire of politics. If I hear, or read, one more time that an otherwise reasonably intelligent person is not going to vote, or write in their choice for POTUS, I think I just might have to reach through the computer and strangle someone!

If you want four more years of the disaster and destruction, then by all means, sit on your principles in the comfort of your little room, thumb stuck firmly in your mouth, whining, while the rest of us do our damnedest to get that narcissitic piece of Marxist garbage OUT of the White House, and back to his little corner of Chicago, where they actually believe he IS ‘the one’. Let him continue his ‘career’ of community organizing, or whatever the hell he was doing before someone shoved him into the lime light, and bamboozled the American people! I, for one, am NOT willing to let this country go down the drain just because the nominee isn’t exactly who I believe would be the best for the job.

This is NOT a case of the ‘lesser of two evils’. This is a situation where we have an opportunity to set the nation back on the right track, and even though Romney isn’t what I consider a conservative, he is a damn sight better than that bunch that has been dragging us into ruin, and oblivion. And let’s not EVER forget about the 2 years prior to ‘the one’s ascension’, we had been stuck with a totally Democrat controlled Congress. The Republicans have the House, they now need the Senate, and send Harry Reid, the useless ‘majority leader’, back into the rank and file, and put a CONSERVATIVE in charge of that body who might actually be able to get a freakin’ budget passed that will start the process of returning to the actual PURPOSE of Congress. When you have a person who refuses to even bring a bill to the floor that might accomplish some of the things WE, The People have been demanding, then what you’ve got is a puppet on strings pulled by the White House, and other ‘shadowy’ person.

We have been dealing with “the devil we know” long enough. And yeah…I do mean that literally. The man is evil! Now, pull YOUR head out of YOUR ass, and work your heart out to defeat Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t forget, we’ll also be kicking out the WORST ‘first lady’, who ain’t no lady, as well! She can globe trot on her own dime! Oh, that’s right….she doesn’t have a dime. Oooops! Well too damn bad! Get a job! And please, for the love of all that’s holy, learn how to dress! You are an embarrassment, and an assault on all five of our senses!

Oh, and listen up RNC!  This is the LAST time you and the media decide who our nominee is going to be!   The RNC can either start listening to the people, or you can go the way of the do-do!  Your choice!  Because WE, THE PEOPLE are FED UP!

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