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10 April 2012, 1:22 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz.

Yep…I had the heart cath this morning.  Yep…there were blockages.  Nope…didn’t get any stents.  :?  Doc said they aren’t big enough.  Wonder what they call ‘big enough’?  Is there were the entire vessel is blocked, and you’ve already succumbed?  *shakes head*  Well, that’s the good news, at any rate.

The bad news?  I was awake through the whole procedure and lemme tell ya….IT HURTS!  I was supposed to be knocked plum out!  I was the last time they did one.  This time?  Pfft!  Oh, they said they gave me plenty of meds so I wouldn’t feel anything.  They lied!  I felt EVERYTHING!  Ever had a serrated knife shoved in your groin area?  I doubt if that would have hurt near as much.   You’d think she could have sent me home with a few pain killers while this hole is healing, right?  Oh HELL no.  Not only did they not believe me when I informed ‘em that I was feeling every single dig into my bod, they evidently don’t think I need anything after for the constant pain.

So now, I’m suppose to ‘take it easy’ for a couple of days, not life anything heavier than 10 pounds (she obviously didn’t weigh my purse before we left), and rest.  Well, I can do that!  Heh.  In the meantime, I’m going to be sprawled out on the bed, watching movies, or reading, or generally being catatonic with the other cats. :D  So, if ya don’t hear from me until tomorrow night, or even Thursday, you’ll know why!

And yes, I did hear that Rick Santorum dropped out of the race.  I find it rather odd that he got more people votes than Romney, yet is WAY behind in the delegate department.  Somehow, that just doesn’t make sense.  I’ll have more to say on the subject in the future, but for right now….I’m going to play potato!  :P

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  1. Kathleen. 10 April 2012, 5:44 pm

    I had a cath done. When I complained it felt I was haveing a bad heart attack.they told me, ‘I would be okay, it would just be little longer’. Yeah right! They had to put 2 stents in my heart afterwards I felt every bit of it. Somethings you just can’t believe doctors on, lol.

  2. olbroad. 10 April 2012, 6:46 pm

    No stents yet, but she was nice enough to let me know, other than the small blockages she found, I have fatty blood.  …………………..  huh?  I have a fatty butt.  I have a fatty stomach.  I have fatty thighs.  But what the blazes is fatty blood?  *shakes head*  …and proceeded to give me two more prescriptions.  sigh…  I’m flippin’ legal junkie!  UGH!  

    Yep…just a little longer seems to be the standard response from docs while they are digging around inside your bod.  Pfft!  Good thing they had my hands strapped down…I might have smacked someone…anyone…within reach.  :evil:

    I’ve been having those horrible pains too….scary, as I’m sure you are aware.  LOL  And yet….no fix.  If that is what a heart attack feels like, someone please shoot me before I have ‘the BIG one’.  Heh.

  3. Mark Smith. 12 April 2012, 2:33 pm

    I to had a cath ( 4-5 times)  told my doctors if I woke up in pain I was going to shoot them all.  Woke up 2 days later pain free:) There is more to this story but you dont have time to read it all and I dont have time to type it.

  4. olbroad. 12 April 2012, 4:10 pm

    I was suppose to be knocked out!  *whiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneee*  Hmm…. maybe I should have made a threat or two?  sigh…  Naw…I’ve no doubt they would have just pointed out the straps and laughed at me.  Kind of reminds me of when I had my tonsils out at age 4….cone and ether…and I woke up in the middle of all that.  Some things…ya just don’t forget!  And yes…I really am THAT old!  LOL

    Well, when you have time to type…I’ve got LOTS of time to read.  :P