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ZoNation: Marion Barry and Other Democrats Are Racist. So Where’s the Outrage?

11 April 2012, 7:05 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Feckless Weasels, Opinion, Politics, Pond Scum, video.

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  1. Shadowblitz70. 12 April 2012, 12:28 am

    I agree and disagree with him. Hes right that Obama WILL be re elected in the same way Marion Barry was, but for us to win elections…… we wont do it by “relating” and trying to get people to like us.
    Sadly, were going to have to do it by force. The first step we need to take is destroy this media thats destroying us.

    Were fighting a war on the TV and the internet, playing by the rules and having morals and ethics, while our enemy is winning because they DONT play by the rules, have no morals and ethics, and are doing everything humanly possible to win. The dirtier the better for them.

    In other words, were bringing a bible to a gunfight, and its showing. We need to start fighting dirty just like they do, take back the media, get the truth out there, and most importantly, start EDUCATING OURSELVES. From age 1 up to 100. The broken education system is the biggest weapon they have. theyre churning out little communists by the day, and what are we doing about it?  nada.
    Ok im done.
    Eat your veggies.

  2. olbroad. 12 April 2012, 2:20 pm

    Welp, whether we like it or not, it looks like we’re going to have Romney as the nominee.  No, I’m not happy about it, but at this point, we have no choice but to get behind him.  If I hear one more person say that won’t vote for Romney because of this or that, I think I’m going to scream!  We had enough of that crap last time, and look who we got stuck with…and we can NOT survive another 4 years of that Marxist!  However, I do believe we will be seeing a THIRD party in 2016.  The Republicans are no longer the party of Reagan, so, we really need to start getting our act together now, in preparation.  Elect Romney, then come up with a REAL Constitutional conservative to challenge, and we just might get our country back!